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Ashford University does not have a football team.

According to the Ashford University store, they have a football team, they are called "Saints"

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Q: Does Ashford university have a football team?
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When was Ashford University created?

Ashford University was created in 1918.

What Division is the University of Dayton Football team?

University of Dayton's football team is Division 1aa

What is ashford university's grading scale?

what is a 88.12% at ashford

Does Hawaii have a football team?

No Hawaii does not have a professional football team. The only football team they have is a NCAA football team, which is the University of Hawaii

What is the name of University of Alabama's football team?

The University of Alabama's football team is called the Crimson Tide.

Which university does the Arizona Wildcats football team play for?

The Arizona Wildcats football team plays for the University of Arizona located in Tucson, Arizona. The football team began at the University of Arizona in 1899.

Ashford university English proficiency exam answers?

Ashford university English proficiency exam

Does xavier university have a football team?

No they don't however they do have a Club Football team.

What type of university is Ashford University?

A for-profit University

Does university of phoenix have a football team?


What is the website for Ashford Univeristy?

I am not allowed to write in the direct url for this answer, but the website for Ashford University is ashford university all one word followed by edu.

Who is the coach of the University of Michigan football team?

The coach of the University of Michigan football team is a man named Brady Hoke. Brady Hoke has been the coach of the University of Michigan football team for three years.

What is the team name for Stanford university football team?


How can I find Ashford University's course catalog?

You can find Ashford University's course catalog for the current year on their website.

Does University of Texas at Dallas have a football team?


What university team is nicknamed the hawkeyes?


What college football team has beat the same college football team the most?

University of Florida

Where do the Hawkeyes football team play?

The Hawkeyes football team plays for the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City, IA. The football team's home field is Kinnick Stadium.

What year did ashford university open?

Ashford University opened its doors in 1918. It is a top accreditied University where many teens have gotten a higher education.

What team is better Auburn or Oregon?

Apparently the Auburn University football team is better than the University of Oregon football team, because they beat them back in 2011.

Former University of Tennessee football players?

JP Shellnutt when did he play on the University of Tennessee football team

University of South Carolina football team roster in 1994?

what was the university of south carolina football roster

What college football team is known as the buckeyes?

that would be the football team belonging to the Ohio State University

What is the hiring rate for graduates of Ashford University?

Approximately nine out of ten students will be able to find a job after graduating from Ashford University. 71% of the students surveyed at the link below found that Ashford University improved their careers.

Has rutgers university football team ever played auburn university football team?

Once, in 1982 at Auburn with Auburn winning 30-7.