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Both the station and the Football Club are named from the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.

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Q: Does Arsenal have a tube station named after them?
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When was Arsenal tube station created?

Arsenal tube station was created in 1906.

Which tube station is nearest to the emirates stadium?


Where can you find a arsenal store in London?

i know 2 arsenal stores in London i am sure there are more, there is one in the emirates stadium (arsenal stadium) to get there just get on the Picadilly line and get off at Arsenal. to get to the second place get off at the tube station named Finsbury Park and then ask for directions.

Where is Canada Water tube station?

The Canada Water tube station is in the United Kingdom in south London in Rotherhithe. The station is named after a lake in the vicinity that is called Canada Water.

When was Woolwich Arsenal station created?

Woolwich Arsenal station was created in 1849.

Is arsenal a city?

No it is not. Arsenal are named for Woolwich Arsenal where the team began life. Woolwich is a place and this is where The Royal Arsenal was based, a place that carried out arms manufacturing for the British Armed forced. Workers at the Arsenal formed a football team initially known as Dial Square after the workshops at the heart of the complex. They renamed to Royal Arsenal, then Woolwich Arsenal. When they moved to Highbury (this is an area of London) they changed their name to just Arsenal F.C. in 1932 Herbert Chapman had the name of the local tube station, Gillespie Road, changed to Arsenal so it is a place in so much as there is a tube with the name however there is no actual area of London called Arsenal.Read more: Is_arsenal_a_place

What is the nearest tube station to Camden Market?

Camden Tube Station

What is the nearest tube station to romford?

Romford doesn't have a tube station but the mainline station has a frequent service to London Liverpool Street. The nearest tube station is Upminster.

Is Arsenal a city in North London or a club?

it's city Arsenal is a district in North London and is also a famous football team. Unusually, the district (and underground station of the same name) is named after the foorball team and not the other way round.

When was Ruislip tube station created?

Ruislip tube station was created in 1904.

When was Brixton tube station created?

Brixton tube station was created in 1971.

When was Stanmore tube station created?

Stanmore tube station was created in 1932.