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Yes! call 772 546-6875 to reach Arnie Frankel -- Life Member PGA

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Q: Does Arnie Frankel give golf lessons?
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How good is the frankel golf school?

Arnie and Ron are the real deal. It is the best instruction on developing the swing motion and simplifying the Golf game. I recommend everyone to purchase their training DVD package and get to one of their 2 day seminars in Florida! Dennis Anderson 818-590-2184Cell

Who should I contact in the Nashville, Tennessee area who could give me professional golf lessons?

You can contact the Mc Cabe Golf Course in the Nashville, Tennessee area for golf lessons. They are highly rated.

How do you get good in golf?

Hard work, dedication and a lot of practice. Swing the clubhead without hitting balls for 2 weeks until you get the feel. Then follow up with a ball in your swing path to verify. Swing a club every day for 5 minutes or more to increase the feel and train your muscles and body to respond to the swinging motion. Again verify with a ball and start playing. Do not watch the Golf Channel or read for any further instruction it will just give you too much to think about. If you need lessons find someone like Arnie & Ron Frankel at

Where can I get golf lessons in Virginia Beach?

You can get golf lessons in Virginia Beach at any golf course that is open to the public. If you are a member of a country club, you could also get lessons there.

Where can a person take golf lessons?

A person can take golf lessons at their nearby golf course. Golf lessons can typically cost from a range of thirty dollars to one hundred fifty dollars depending on how good your golf teacher is.

Do you need lessons in golf?

Yes, to play golf you need to have lessons. Even the pros have lessons, it doesnt matter if your beginner or master. Golf is a complex game which eneds guidance.

do you have junior golf lessons and if you do, how much is it?

Go to web site for information on juinor golf lessons.

Where can I get golf instruction in Palm Beach to improve my swing?

Check with your local golf course for details on lessons. Cost of golf lessons will vary.

Where can I get local golf lessons?

That is a perfect way to find local golf lessons, most golf courses have private lessons as well. The local gold course in your area should have plenty of resources.

How do you fix your golf swing?

Find a golf pro to give you lessons for your swing. Another way is to videotape yourself and see if you find any vaults in your swing.

Where can I find cheap golf lessons?

You can find cheap golf lessons from a community golf course. They are much cheaper at community golf courses that at a country club. The cheapest way to learn golf is from family and friends.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Buffalo, New York?

The Wehrle Golf Dome is a wonderful place to get golf lessons in Buffalo, New York. They are located at 8230 Wehrle Drive and the phone number is (716) 631-3663.