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Q: Does Arkansas University have a hockey team?
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What Hockey team name begins with you?

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers is an ice hockey team. The Utah Utes are an ice hockey team at the University of Utah.

How many nhl teams are in Arkansas?

Currently there are no National Hockey League teams in Arkansas.

Does purdue university have a hockey team?

Purdue University has a hockey club, but it is not a varsity sport.

What is the most successful Arkansas football team?

The Arkansas Razorbacks from the University of Arkansas are the most successful Arkansas football team. Arkansas does not have a National Football team, therefore the most successful team would be a college team.

Who are the Arkansas Razorbacks?

The Arkansas Razorbacks are a college football team associated with Arkansas University. They also have a baseball team, tennis team, soccer team, golf and gymnastics.

Which university does the Arkansas Razorbacks football team represent?

The Arkansas Razorbacks football team represents the University of Arkansas. The Arkansas University student body voted to take this name in 1910 after a game where they were said too have played like razorback hogs.

Hockey team name starting with the letter y?

Yale Bulldogs is the name of the hockey team at Yale University.

What is the oldest college hockey team?

Brown University

Do the Miami canes have a ice hockey team?

As of 2011 the University of Miami does have a Club Ice Hockey team, they play in the American Collegiate Hockey League

Can you think of a hockey team that starts with Y?

The Yale University Bulldogs men's hockey team compete in the Ivy League.

Does the University of Tennessee have a hockey team?

They have a club team in the ACHA Division III

What major sports teams are there in Arkansas?

I know of: Arkansas Razorbacks, Arkansas State Indians, Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions and I believe Arkansas at Little Rock also has a college football team. UA-Little Rock does not have a football team. Additionally the ASU team is no longer called the Indians but are now called the Red Wolves (as of fall 2008). Some more teams are the Arkansas Tech Wonderboys, University of Central Arkansas Bears, the Southern Arkansas University Muleriders, Henderson State University Reddies, Ouchita Baptist University Tigers, and the Arkansas Baptist College Buffaloes.