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Q: Does Apple Inc sponsor any sporting teams?
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What was the old name of Apple Inc?

Apple Inc. was previously called Apple Computer, Inc.

What is the population of Apple Inc.?

The population of Apple Inc. is 2,011.

Who made the Apple I-pods?

The Apple iPod is made by Apple Inc., formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc.. They are manufactured for Apple by Foxconn at the factory in Shenzhen in China.The boss of Apple inc. is Steve Jobs.

Who is the founder of Apple Inc.?

The founder of Apple Inc. is Steve jobs

Who was the creator of apple inc?

Steve Jobs CEO of Apple inc.

What is Apple Inc.'s population?

The population of Apple Inc. is 60,400.

How can you contact apple inc?

To contact Apple inc., simply click the following link and choose from the options how you would like to contact Apple inc.

Does apple inc have any subsidiaries?

Yes. Apple Japan, Inc. is one of them.

What is the symbol for Apple Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Apple Inc. in NASDAQ is: AAPL.

When was Apple Inc. created?

Apple Inc. was created on 1976-04-01.

What is Inc in Apple Inc?


In what year did Apple Inc - AAPL - have its IPO?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) had its IPO in 1980.

What are the aims and objectives of Apple Inc?

The Apple Investor Relations website is the place to look for the corporate objectives of Apple Inc.

When was Apple incorporated?

Apple Inc. was incorporated January 3, 1977. The company was previously named Apple Computer, Inc.

What is the ticker symbol for Apple?

The ticker symbol for Apple, Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) is AAPL and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

Why the name apple is given to apple inc?

Since apple iz the best fruit for health.products of this inc are bestest.....this may be the reason

Where can you find apple inc?

Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014

PEST analysis of Apple Computer Inc?

just google it pest and swot for apple inc

What are facts about Apple Inc?

apple is beastin

Who found apple computers?

apple inc.

What is the last name of the CEO of Apple Inc?

Jobs. The CEO of Apple Inc. is Steven P. Jobs.

Which company launched the iPhone?

Apple Computer, Inc.

Does Apple inc sell shares?

There are over 920 million publicly traded shares in Apple Inc.

In what year was Apple Inc created?

* Apple was founded in April of 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs * Apple Computer Inc was incorporated in 1977 * Apple Computer Inc went public selling 4.6 million shares in December 1980

Who makes the iPad?

Apple inc.Apple man Apple