Does Andy clemmensen have a sister?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Yes, she is 20 years old; he also has a step-brother Bradie Webb(drummer for Short Stack) and a little brother who is 1 years old, I think his name is Charlie.

Just so you all know, his name is chris almost 2 now, andy's sisters name is nicole, and he has another sister aswel, and yeah

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Q: Does Andy clemmensen have a sister?
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How old is Andy clemmensen's sister?

Her name is Jamie Clemmensen and she is 20 years old

What are the names of Andy Clemmensen's sisters?

Lauren and Nicole, and he has a step sister (bradies sister) called April

Is Andy Clemmensen dating Josh Thomas?

No, Andy Clemmensen is straight.

Is Andy clemmensen Australian?

yes Andy clemmensen is infact austsralian.

What is Andy clemmensen's star sign?

Andy Clemmensen's Star sign is a Taurusfrom shortstack#1fan

What phone does Andy clemmensen have?

Andy Clemmensen's Phone is not broken and did not ever brake...

What is Andy clemmensen's middle name?

His middle name is Nicholi.Andrew Nicholi Clemmensen.

How old is Andy Clemmensen of Short Stack?

Andy Clemmensen is 29 years old (birthdate April 25, 1988).

Who are step brothers in short stack?

Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb and now they have a baby sister i dont know the name.

What nationality is Andy Clemmensen?


How old is Andy clemmenson?

Andy clemmensen is currently 21

What is Andy Clemmensen's mum and dad's name?

His father's name is John Clemmensen, not sure of his mother's