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Yes. Baltimore and New Carrolton, MD are served by Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Line to Washington, DC. You can change in Washington DC for Amtrak's Capitol Limited, which serves Cumberland. MD, or ride the MARC commuter rail system, or Metro to the Maryland Suburbs.

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Q: Does Amtrak go from New York to Maryland?
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Does Amtrak go from Maryland to Baltimore?

Baltimore is in Maryland.

Does Amtrak only go into Penn station in NYC?

Yes. Penn Station is the only Amtrak station in New York City.

Do amtrak go to Canada from Philadelphia?

Yes, Amtrak provides service between Philadelphia, Montreal, and Toronto via a connection in New York City.

How long does the Amtrak Train take to go from Fort Lauderdale to New York City?

120 min

Where is the closest amtrak station to new market Maryland?

Harpers Ferry, WV. From there you can go east to Washington DC or west to Pittsburgh or Chicago.

Does amtrak go from phila to Harrisburg?

Yes - but it's not direct. You have to go by way of New York City.

Will amtrak trains double deckers wii ever go to new york city penn station?

No, Amtrak Double Deckers (Superliners) are too tall, it would hit the ceiling of Penn Station.

Houston to new york by train?

Amtrak does not go to Houston. You would take a bus to Longview which goes to Chicago. You'd change trains and then go to New York Penn Station. Total travel time is about 34 hours.

Does amtrak go from ny to ocean city maryland's holiday inn?

You can take Amtrak from NY to Baltimore Penn or Washington DC and there are Greyhound buses from each of these to Ocean City MD

What are the major highways in Maryland?

118 that gets you to the train station to go to new york city

Does They have a Amtrak station in Syracuse New York?

They actually have two! One is downtown at 1 Walsh Circle Regional Transportation Center Syracuse, NY 13208. The other is at the State Fairgrounds at 581 State Fair Blvd. Gate 11 Syracuse, NY 13209

Which amtrak station will get you closest to Sarasota FL?

Tampa. On the Silver Star, you can go south to Miami or north to Orlando, Savannah, Raleigh, Richmond or New York.