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Yes, for they live on the same island, Kauai, and have been best buds since 8

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Q: Does Alana Blanchard live close to Bethany Hamilton?
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Do Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard live close to each other?


What was Bethany hamiltons best friends first?

Bethany Hamilton's best friend's name is Alana Blanchard. They have been close friends since they were young and both share a passion for surfing.

Who is Sarah hill to Bethany Hamilton?

a close friend and her youth counselor

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What was the exposition in soul surfer?

The exposition in "Soul Surfer" introduces the main character, Bethany Hamilton, and her love for surfing. It also sets the scene in her tropical hometown of Kauai and establishes her close-knit family and friends. Additionally, it foreshadows the challenges she will face, such as the upcoming surfing competition.

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