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Yes~ Geoffery Simmons is Ahmad Rashad's (Robert/Bobby Moore) and Melody Neal' first biological son. Geoffery was conceived and later born out of wedlock when Melody was 15 years old and Ahmad was 17 years old. Geoffery was born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington on December 31st, 1967. His birth certificate read "Baby boy Neal" as he was named 9 months later after his adoption by Charles and G. Mary Simmons (Green) a married couple living with two daughters in Bellevue, Washington.

Charles was a veteran working as a lead man at Boeing Airlines and Mary was an office worker. As far as illegitimacy is concerned Bobby and Melody had sustained a 4 year romance which had culminated with his birth. Melody gave birth to Geoffery after going through time at an unwed mother's (Medina Children's) in Seattle.

Bobby was receiving numerous scholarships for his athleticism and Melody knew she could not raise him on her own.

She quickly regretted this and would spend the rest of her life trying to find Geoffery before her untimely death from a rare form of cancer, which cut her life short at the young age of 44. Due to sealed court records and Ahmad's reluctance ( not knowing the circumstances following Geoffery's adoption) at locating him, Melody's efforts and private investigations would not enable her to reconcile with him.

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Q: Does Ahmad Rashad have any illegitimate children?
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