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yes big show loves her

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โˆ™ 2009-12-06 20:17:29
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Q: Doe's any body like kelly kelly in WWE?
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Does WWE kelly kelly have a cousin in the WWE?

No she does not have any relatives that work for WWE

Has WWE kelly kelly got any children?


What WWE divas would you like to see in WWE?

That question does not make any sense wwe divas are already in the wwe but my fav is Kelly Kelly I had her on fb but I deleted her cause I couldn't stand the pics of her with Justin Gabriel ( her fionce)

Does Kelly Kelly from WWE have any brothers or sisters?

yes a sister

Does WWE kellykelly have a tattoo?

No Kelly doesn't have any tattoos

How can you contact WWE diva kelly kelly?

Go on Twitter to contact with any celebrity athttp:/ .

Who is a vegutareain on WWE?

the only person i know that is a vegutareain is WWE diva kelly kelly or her real name Barbara "Barbie" Blank. but as far as any other divas or superstars are vegutareain.

Are their any clips of any WWE divas getting tickled?

no but if your older then 18 then go to youtube and type "kelly kelly poker strip extreme strip"

WWE kelly kelly have tattoos?

No. Kelly Kelly does not have any tattoos. But she said in an interview she's considering getting a full sleeve arm tattoo and a lower back tattoo. I hope she does! <3

When is kelly kelly going to tna?

Kelly Kelly is not going to tna she has not entered into any discussions with them because she is still employed by the wwe she was only kayfabe fired (fake fired so she could get a holiday)

Are there any WWE superstars that are Jewish and still active in the WWE?

no there is not has not been none like that so

What caused the french resistance?

is there any Ned kelly poems that know body knows about

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