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Q: Do your friends like to play tennis?
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What is the simple subject in the following sentence Do your friends like to play tennis?

The simple subject is Friends.

Who was tennis played by?

every one who wants to play tennis can play tennis but thay will suck just like you

Where can you play tennis?

you can play tennis any were as long as their is a tennis court to play on.

Does Justin bieber like girls who play tennis?


Why do people like to play tennis?

It's fun.

Do narwhals play tennis?

i think they play everything but tennis its bluewhales that play tennis

Where is the best place to play a game of tennis with your friends?

Your local park is the best place. You don't need to go to any fancy club, and all of your friends and you will have free access to the park to play a game of tennis. Most parks have a tennis court, so find the closest one and meet there.

What is the tennis like game you play without a racket?


You like to play tennis in Spanish?

As a statement "you like to play tennis", it would be "Le gusta jugar al tenis." As a question "do you like to play tennis?", ¿Le gusta jugar al tenis?" Spoken, the differrence is just in inflection - with the voice rising at the end. If you are asking someone if they want to play tennis, the it is "¿Le gustaría (Or "Quisiera") jugar al tenis conmigo?"

What do Turkish people play as sports?

They like to play football, baseball , tennis and basketball.

Do English people like to play a tennis?

Yes, it matters what type of person you are though like if you like to run and hit a ball tennis is the sport for you

What is the future tenses of play?

will play - I will play tennis with you. going to play - We are going to play tennis tomorrow am / is / are playing - They are playing tennis on the weekend.

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