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No you wear the kneepads on top of the socks

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Q: Do you wear your socks over knee pads while playing volleyball?
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Why do volleyball players wear knee socks?

Volleyball players wear knee socks to avoid floor burn. Especially if you're a libero or dive a lot.

All equipment needed for volleyball?

for the court you need, a net, volleyball and poles. you should have knee pads and socks and athletic shoes if your playing indoor.

What do you need in the game volleyball?

You need : Knee pads Spanex Shorts Volleyball Socks Volleyball Shoes A Volleyball Water - All of this can Be found at

What injury can one get by playing volleyball?

You can get a lot of injuries from playing volleyball. I've been playing volleyball a lot over the years. I dislocated my knee, jammed my finger pretty badly, gotten a black eye from a volleyball hitting my face, twisted my ankle and pulled my thigh muscle while playing volleyball.

What protects the knee?

In soccer, shin guards protect your knee. In volleyball, knee pads protect your knee. In basketball, your kind of on your own for protecting the knee. In softball, long socks might help you out, but not entirely.

What kind of clothes do volleyball players use?

women volleyball players normally wear spandex shorts and their team jersey. they also wear their knee pads and knee socks to protect their legs from digging. and of course they wear tennis shoes. guys wear shorts team jersey and knee pads along with ankle socks and shoes.

What protective gear do you have to wear for volleyball?

typically if your on a team you wear spandex shorts your jersey knee pads tall socks and sneakers

What to put in a volleyball bag?

Volleyball shoes Spandex(2) T shirt Knee pads Water Heathly snacks Make up Phone iPod Body spray Brush Headbands Hair ties Ankle braces Socks and (long socks if you wear ankle braces) Deodorant prewrap Volleyball

What are the equipment of the game volleyball?

Knee pads are a very good investment for indoor volleyball if you are playing competively...other more obvious things are a volleyball net and ball.

What cloth is typically worn for playing volleyball?

Usually, to be the most comfortable in your playing time, you should probably wear some type of spandex, or you could possibly wear looses shorts. As for tops, wear something comfortable: maybe a loose cotton shirt. If you have jerseys, I prefer spandex material, or something tight. Not big and baggy that possibly could get in the way.

What do volleyball uniforms consist of?

The typical volley ball uniform consists of the following: Jersey spandex shorts knee pads socks (usually knee high) ankle braces ( optional) court shoes

What do volleyball players wear?

Most volleyball players wear very short spandex shorts. They usually also wear a tank top, or a t-shirt as well as knee high socks and shin pads.

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