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I wear Speedo type , but not Speedo brand as they are flat and very squishing on the tackle rather ones with a decent formed pouch to keep everything safe (I found either Andrew Christian brand or similar but currently am happy wearing Cocksox (terrible name ) made in Australia where they are the most popular brand under board shorts and they are a nation who wear lots of board shorts. I don't recommend anything without a drawcord Like boxer jocks or trunks as I have had shorts and trunks come off together after going down a water slide.

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Q: Do you wear underwear under board shorts what kind what brand?
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Should you wear underwear under board shorts?

No, I recommend wearing swimsuit bottoms.

What to wear under volleyball shorts?

your underwear nothing special

Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

Do you were underwear under compression shorts?

I do not as they will show my underwear line more. I am a girl It all depends on your personal preference.

Are you suppossed to wear underwear under compression shorts?

Yes! you should it is better

Should boys wear underwear under swim shorts?

No, because there is already a liner to the shorts. Also, most underwear is of a heavier material that would take longer to dry.

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Why wear shorts under skirts?

To stop pervs from seeing girls underwear and to protect her.

Do you wear underwear under compression shorts?

Seems totally unneeded, but whatever floats your boat.

What should you wear under cycling shorts?

regular underwear Think you're wrong on this one. Cycling shorts are meant to be worn commando.

Do you where underwear under booty shorts?

You do but you where boy-short underwear so it isn't noticeable I know because I have been taking dance for 7 years:)

How do you wear sliding shorts?

You wear sliding shorts under athletic appearal for sports such as baseball or softball mostly without underwear but it's optional

What do your think a high school mascots wears under their costumes?

shorts, tshirt, nothing, underwear, tights

Are adidas response shorts comparative to under armor shorts?

Adidas shorts are way different than Under Armor shorts. The material is completely different, and Under Armour is a way better brand, that is more durable and will last longer.

Who makes the brand Spanx underwear?

The company Spanx makes the brand Spanx underwear. It is a multi-million dollar company that makes several different female undergarments under the brand name.

How do you wear spandex?

I wear my spandex with underwear under just cause I think it's uncomfortable and a bit unsanitary without underwear. and then I wear shorts over. hope i helped (:

What do cheerleaders wear under their skirt?

other than there underwear they wear "bloomers" or short shorts otherwise known as spankies

Who can tell me online store that sells 2 in 1 running shorts?

If you are talking about two in one running shorts I am going to assume you mean the kind of running shorts that have the built in underwear. The best two in one shorts are the Nike Tempo and the Under Armour running shorts.

Do you wear a supporter and cup over or under your underwear?

Different men wear it differently. Oftentimes the jock/cup replace the underwear entirely. Otherwise the jock would typically go outside underwear, sliding shorts, etc.

What can hold particles and also a brand of underwear?

Nanoscopic can hold particles in a brand of under wear. This was studied and made by Professor Hiroki Ohge.

Do guys wear underwear insideboxer?

No when we wear boxers they are the underwear. Think of it this way be nude then put a pair of shorts on. I perfer nothing under my pants sometimes a pair of girls panties but that's it.

What brand of under wear does Justin Bieber wear?

Justin Bieber Wears Ralph Lauren Underwear

Why do people swim with boxers under their swim trunks?

They probably want to look cool. OR They aren't really a wearing a swimsuit, just shorts OR They find the Mesh lining thing that comes in swimsuits annoying and uncomfortable, so they wear their underwear. OR They are board shorts (no lining), and they feel the need to wear something in between.

How do you wear compression shorts?

You wear compression shorts like boxer-briefs under soccer kits ect. They are comfortable to wear but kind of like tight underwear. The nylon- lycra type are comfortable to wear. Compression shorts are tight but not too tight, and are very comfortable to wear. I would not recommend wearing any underwear under them. Some are designed to use a "cup" for certain sports. They are fine just the way they are, even for non-sports reasons. They can be worn as underwear most of the time.

Do you wear pants or underwear under lycra running shorts?

Why would you ? As long as they're not see through of course ! Priority : You need to feel comfortable. I run in lycra shorts with no underwear haven't had any strange looks or comments yet ..... maybe it's been too cold !!