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I prefer underwear, but you can wear either.

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Q: Do you wear underwear or a thong under lollies for cheering?
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What kind of underwear do you wear under a morphsuit?


Do male dancers wear underwear under their tights?

Male ballet dancers wear a specifically designed undergarment called a "dance belt" that has a strong pouch to support their genitals, prevent injury, and create an non-detailed bulge in front, with a thong rear to minimize show-through lines.

What color underwear should you wear under white pants?

Never wear white under white! It's just as visible as black would be. For white pants, wear a thong in the nude shade that matches your skin color the best.

What type of underwear can a boy wear with skinny jeans?

I would suggest briefs, bikini briefs, jockstrap, thong, or ever maybe

Does Carrie Underwood wear thong underwear?

Sara Evans is a country singer from Missouri. She was born on February 5, 1971. There is no evidence available to suggest that Sara wears a thong neither is there any information available to the contrary.

What is a thong and how is it worn?

a thong is worn like regular under wear exept the string goes up your butt crack

Do you wear underwear under leotards?

Underwear is not necessary under leotards, and when it peeks out, it looks unproffessional.

What should you do if you find girls thong in sons room?

Depends on how he got it, if he had a girl there behind your back you have to have a talk with him about trust, what he can and can't do under your roof and alert him to the fact that sexual play can result in pregnancy. If he stole the thong then you also have to have a talk with him as he may have a fetish that could end up being worse. If he is a young teenager an item of female underwear in his bedroom is not necessarily abnormal .

What types of dresses are there and what kind of panties do you wear under them?

under a dress you should wear a thong

The clothes worn next to the body under other clothes?


Can condoms leave stain on underwear?

what idiot wears a condom under his underwear?

Does Spider-Man wear a thong under his spider outfit?