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Q: Do you use boron to make sports equipment?
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What is the use of science and technology in sports?

to make better sports equipment for eg.clothes shoes etc.

What is the use of boron?

Boron is used to make control rods.

What are 3 uses of boron?

One use of boron is to make magnets.

What is one use for boron?

Boron can be used to make a reducing agent called Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4)

What is sport gear?

The equipment you would use while playing sports.

What is the use of fortifying equipment in One Piece Online?

Fortify equipment can increase the main attribute of the equipment. You can use "Equipment Fortifying Ticket" to increase equipment attribute, and "Equipment Upgrade Ticket" to upgrade equipment.

What kind of company is Zoot Sports?

Zoot sports carries and manufactures sports equipment for younger players that are between the ages of 4 to 12. They strive to provide safe cushioning and will use better materials when they make the items.

What sports equipment begins with the letter M?

A mouth guard is a sports equipment item in football. A mat is used in gymnastics and wrestling. Baseball players use a mitt.

What sports equipment begins with the letter N?

The net is a piece of tennis sports equipment. Football lineman frequently use a neck roll or brace to protect their necks from injury.

What equipment is use in professional sports to reduce injury due to forces?

Headgear & pads!!

Slogan for boron?

Evan if you are a moron... You probably use boron

Use dimensional analysis and the given densities to make the following conversions 14.8 g of boron to cm3 of boron the density of boron is 2.34g per cm3?

a. 6.32 cm3 b. 0.342 cm3

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