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its up to you haha but most of us dont. just tie them so they wont come out then stuff them into the side of the shoe !! its all up to you

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Q: Do you tie your laces up when wearing skater shoes?
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How To Lace Skater Shoes?

It is important to lace skater shoes snugly and tie the laces so they do not come unlaced. A snug skate supports the ankle and foot.

Could Albert Einstein tie his shoes?

Yes, Albert Einstein could tie his shoes. Though he was celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to physics, there is no reason to believe he was unable to perform everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces.

Why is it important to tie shoes?

so you don't trip over the laces

Are velcro shoes better for kids than tied?

I would recommend velcro shoes for the younger ones because you don't have to worry about tripping over the laces. However, for kids old enough to learn to tie their shoes, ones with laces are a good idea.

Why do athletic shoes have such long shoe laces?

Athletics require strong shoes tied up with reliable laces. The laces need to be long so that an athlete can tie over the ankle to get a confident grip from the shoes. Athletic shoe laces are made of super high-tech fibre that last long, and are highly flexible. You can shop for the laces available in all price ranges, and for all types athletic shoes.

Why do people tie there shoes?

So you don't trip over the laces. Response to your question: WHY would you ask such a question like that?

How can you tie your own shoe laces?

tie a knot

How do you tie vans tennis shoes?

a good way too lace them is too lace them going straight leaves a good look the way to do this is lace the right side skipping 1 hole then across then 1 hole up and across.............eventually youll understand

Does Mizuno carry shoe laces for fitness exercise?

If you go to a running shoe store you may be able to find Mizuno brand shoe laces but there are also a variety of other laces that are designed specifically for different purposes. Speaking to a sales associate at a sports and shoes store may help you find what types of laces are best for you fitness needs based on how you wear and tie your shoes.

What fitness injuries ate among the easiest to avoid?

I recommend wearing the proper clothing for the sport and tie your shoes.

At what age is it best to buy kids' shoes with laces instead of velcro straps?

At age 5 a child should be able to tie his or her own shoe. At this time it is recommended that you switch from velcro straps to the traditional laces.

Why do you have to tie your shoe?

so you don't trip or so you don't look stupid okay