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I think Breakdance should be an OLYMPIC SPORT..... SERIOUSLY it is very hard to do and not everyone has the TALENT to do it.....and they should make it as a sport in all the schools in the Entired world.... because it might be ppl who never thought they can do it but if they just give it a shoot at it, they should decide if they are able to do it.....

and if ppl dont wanna agree then all the ppl should VOTE if it would be good for the schools to have BREAKDANCE as a SPORT in all the schools

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โˆ™ 2009-12-14 18:35:05
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Q: Do you think that dance should be an olympic sport?
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It now is a sport and it will be included 2016 Olympics. Personally, I don't think chess should be a sport.

How many people think dance is a sport?

alot of people think dance is a sport but why would it not be a sport people alomost everydaay have a dance compotetion

Is folk Dance a sport?

Personally, I don't think that folk dance is a sport.

Why isn't dance in the Olympics?

i dont think that they think that dance is a sport

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I think it is!

What racket sport isn't an Olympic sport?

Becasue the IOC does not think it is sportworthy.

What olympic sport starts with J?

Javelin? I think !

Why isn't bowling an Olympic sport?

Because it is something everyone can do. But I think it should be in the olympics because there are pros. in the world and they would be good to be in the olympics. I think it should be in the olympics and that is my reason.

Why isn't cricket an Olympic sport?

i love cricket and i think that it should be an olympic sport however it already has its own world cup and alot of veryations to the game like 20/20 and test cricket and 1 day internationals

Is futsal an olympic sport?

Futsal is not currently an Olympic sport, but it does have its own quadrennial FIFA World Cup tournament.

Is tug of war a new Olympic sport is it true or false?

i think so

When was clay pigeon shooting made an Olympic sport?

I don't think so. No

Is triathalon an Olympic sport?

If you think it's no, your wrong. If you think it's right, your wrong. It's both.

Is there any kind of dance that is a sport what kind?

I think that all types of dance are sports. You can compete in all types of dance, and they get you as sweaty as playing a basketball game if you work hard enough! Dance is a sport and an art. Just because it isn't in the Olympics doesn't mean it's not a sport!

What is the new sport in the Beijing olympic games?

i ain't 2 sure but i think baseball

What is the most fun olympic winter sport?

I think it would be ski cross or downhill

SHOULD cricket be olympic sport?

i don't think its a good idea cause the cricketing calender i already so full ....i don't see where they can squeze in the Olympics

What should be the criteria for a sport being included in the Olympics?

The criteria should be if not a lot of people can do that sport proply and do it fast enough then I think it should be a sport

What was the nastiest sport in the olympic games?

i dont think they have nasty sports but a skleton crash is nasty

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i have no idea but i think it is stupied that it isn't maybe it is because basketball is kinda like it

Who can be an Olympic?

i think you get to be an Olympian if you are a famous professional of the sport

Why is squash not an official Olympic sport?

It's so annoying that it isn't. I think it's the best sport to play and watch. I play at a national level and i hope that it will be in the Olympics soon! :)

If ballet is a dance and dance is a sport does that mean ballet is a sport?

Although people may think of ballet as a sport, surprisingly and technically dance is a performing art, not a sport. However, dance as well as specifically ballet requires energy, you also have to make it look easy and flawless, which makes it harder than all sports. This is because dance and ballet is not done to win but to become stronger and entertain. Those who compete might be able to say it's a sport, however this isn't the primary idea of ballet. Ballet is generally known as an art form because of it's beauty and style, this is the same with many other styles of dance.

What education is needed for an Ice Skating teacher?

dance (movement) or sport? i dont think it matters.