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Yes, sometimes you do. If you decide to play a match, someone has to serve. Serving is really easy though. Your teacher will show you how to serve if you don't know how, or if you are scared.

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Q: Do you serve in a tennis lesson?
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What are some techniques to include in a basic tennis lesson?

For a basic tennis lesson, you want to instruct in how to hold the racket, possibly a western grip. Then you will wan to have a lesson about getting comfortable with hitting the tennis ball. You can have the ball hit higher so it is easier to hit.

What joints are used in a tennis serve?

Almost all of your joints are used in tennis, but the main ones in a tennis serve are the knee joints, and elbow joints.

Is the underarm serve rejected in tennis?

You can hit an underhand serve in tennis; however, the overhand serve is more effective because it is more powerful. That is why you don't see the underhand serve used much.

What happens at the start of tennis?

a serve

How do you return a tennis serve?


What can you serve but you can never eat?

A tennis ball!

What lesson did table tennis teaches us?

never draw back

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

What do we serve that we don't eat?

a tennis ball

What do you call a do over serve in tennis?


Can you move when returning serve in tennis?


What do you serve that you cannot eat?

A tennis ball.