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"Hike" is used by the quarterback to signal that he is ready to receive the ball to begin a play, so it is not used for a field goal.

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Q: Do you say hike when kicking a field goal?
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How is the length of a field goal measured?

In football lets say the kicker is kicking from the 20 yard line. This would be considered a 30 yard field goal because the endzone is 10 yards long and the goal posts are at the back of the endzone.

Why do they say hike in football?

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Do you have to say hike on a kickoff?

The kicker does not say hike on a kickoff. The kicker only has to Hold two fingers above his head and if the other team is ready he can kick the ball. (example) the Browns are kicking to the dolphins. Both teams are ready and the kicker raises his hand, raises two fingers and runs up two the ball and kicks it to the dolphins.

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