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Q: Do you put a cup jock in the freezer?
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Related questions

How do you show your son to put on a jock cup?

Put the cup in the jock strap and tell him to wear it like underwear...

How do you put on a jock strap with a cup?

1) Make sure you have a jock strap that is specifically designed for a cup. 2) Insert cup into jock strap narrow end first. 3) Pull on jock strap (with cup) as you would a pair of briefs. 4) Adjust to comfort.

How do you make a Coca Cola icee?

1. Pour a can of coca cola into a plastic cup. 2. Put the cup in the freezer for 30 min. 3. Take the cup out of the freezer and mix with a spoon 4. Put the cup back in the freezer for 15min. 5. After 15 min, take the cup out of the freezer and mix again. 6. After mixing again put the cup back in for another 15 min. 7. Take out and Enjoy it!!!!!! If it is not done you may need to put it in the freezer for another 4-5 min. It will take 1h-1h 5min

How do you pick out the right size of jock cup?

There are only two sizes of jock cups. Youth and Adult. If you need a larger size cup you can buy a nutty buddy cup, the nutty buddy cup is worn differently than a regular cup. first you would put on a pair of briefs or underwear and then a jockstrap over top of that. The nutty buddy cup is put inside the jock pouch but over the briefs.

What happenes when you put water in a cup and put it in the freezer what happenes?

dont know

What is a jock cup?

An athletic supporter with cup is sometimes called a cup jock or a jock cup. it is a jockstrap that has a pocket in front that a hard plastic cup sldes inside of to protect your penis and testicles from getting hit.

How do you make paletas de chamoy?

Get the tounge stick then get a then cup fill with chamoy and put the stick in the cup and put it in freezer

How do you make a rock smooth?

you can put it in a cup of water, put it in a freezer for a few months.

What happens when a cup of water goes in the freezer?

I think you need to try this. Put water in the freezer and see what happens.

Where do you wear a cup jock over briefs or against the bare skin?

In the briefs Cups are made to be worn in the jock they come with, put the cup in the jock pouch then that should be the first thing you wear, so against the skin...A few cups now have brief type supporters, I like these best. The Orignal Banana Cup comes in one and its very comfortable, I think i got it at My hockey jock says to make sure you wear a jock under your cup, so I end up wearing 2 jocks, one for the cup, and one to hold my stuff inside the cup which is sort of uncomfortable, but at least everything stays in one place and nothing hangs out to get racked I like to wear my jock on my skin i think it does a better job on protecting my balls

What would happen if you where to put ice cream in a glass cup and then put it in the freezer would it crack?

Highly unlikely.

Do water expand when frozen?

yes, this is why if you put a filled to the brim cup of water in the freezer, it overflows when it is frozen....

What happen when you put a cup of water in the freezer?

It freezes under 0 0C and then become ice.

Do you put the jock strap on before or after your underwear?

It kind of depends. Different men wear jockstraps differently. Most often, the jockstrap replaces underwear entirely--one option. This is what I'd recommend in general. If you are wearing a hard cup, e.g. in baseball, then usually you wear the jock outside your sliding shorts. But a lot of sliding shorts have a cup pouch built in, making a jock unnecessary. In hockey, if the cup pouch isn't built in, the jock can go outside. I see no reason to wear a swimming jock if you are wearing racing trunks or jammers, so don't bother wearing a jock in this case.

How do you make freeze pops?

First you take a cup and fill it with witch ever kind of drink you want then you get a stick and put it through a napkin then you put the napkin in straight in the cup then put it in the freezer then wait 3 and a half hours take the napkin of then take the cup of and enjoy!

How do you put a protective cup on?

if u have a jock strap there is a holder for the cup, but if you have sliding/compression shorts for baseball most of the shorts have places to put your cup. if you don't have sliding/compression shorts you pretty much need them for baseball. you can use the compression shorts for football or any other sport also.

How often do you wash your cup jock?

Not often enough.

When should you wear jock strap underwear?

You should wear a jock strap if you need to be wearing a cup - so for sports where you might get hit. You should also wear a jock strap for support for running, working out, gym class, etc, even if a cup is not required.

I am in martial arts our instructor says you need a cup to spar so I got a cup a jock strap and I wear whitey tidys so could someone please tell me the process of putting the cup on?

well you just put it on

How do you kill a sick goldfish?

put it in the freezer in a cup of water it might mean but its actually quite humane

Will A hard plastic cup deform if put in the freezer?

Only if it contains water, which in freezing will deform (possibly break) the container.

When a cup of water at room temperature is put in a freezer the water's state of matter will change from?

This is an experiment. it will change from liquid to solid.

What would happen on a humid day if you took an empty metal cup out of a freezer and put it on a napkin?

The napkin will get wet and will form water vapor.

Why do you wear jock straps?

You can wear a jock strap to hold a protective cup in place, if it has a pouch for it. Jock straps are also worn to hold the penis and testicles in place while you work out.

What happens to plants if they are put into a freezer?

If plants are put into a freezer, they freeze.