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Well it depends on the pool. It could be outside or inside.

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Q: Do you play water polo inside or outside?
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How many countries play water polo?

There are many countries that play the water polo. Over 100 countries in various part of the world play the water polo.

If you can play polo with a hoese why carnt you play water polo with a horse?

those two sports are totally different the polo is the land sport and water polo is a water sport :D

How big is the water polo pool?

womens water polo players play in a 25 metre pool and mens water polo players play in a 30 metre pool

How do you say I play water polo in Spanish?

Water polo in Spanish is: polo acuático. Yo juego al polo acuático.

How many US colleges or universities play division III water polo?

For mens water polo there are 14 colleges/universities that play in division III. For women's water polo there are 19 colleges/universities that play in division III.

What does a polo player use to play?

water polo swim suite, a pool, team mates and there opponets also the water polo ball

Where do you play water polo?

in a swimming pool

What did the Inca play?

they played hockey water polo and things like that they played hockey water polo and things like that

How was water polo invented?

water polo was invented in england, when people wanted to play a form of soccer in their lakes and rivers

Is water polo intense?

YES! water polo is intense.You are playing probably the most toughest and roughest game ever invented. You like many others will feel this intensity when you play. Water polo is the most intense game anyone will ever play.

Things of emienm that he like to do?

play water polo

What do you need to play water polo?

A horse that can swim

What sports and games did atlanteans play?

water polo

What equipment do you need to play water polo?

A water polo goal, a shot clock, a score board, a water polo ball, and last but not least the player. Water polo swimming apparel are speedos, and a cap saying the number/team color. No goggles are worn.

What countries play water polo?

Most countries play water polo in some shape or form, ranging from national teams competing in the likes of the Olympics to school and small-time clubs just playing for fun. It would probably be easier to list the countries that do not play water polo than those that do.

Is water polo based on real polo?

It has been said that polo players that did not have the money to play on the campos (fields) played on the beaches and as the tide rose, they had to play in the water and ended up ditching the horses. This could just be legend but it is a fun story.

Did Katy perry play water polo in high school?


How many people are needed to play water polo?


What sports do Turkmen play?

rugby,cricket and water polo

What are the similarities between polo and water polo?

water polo is in the water and pollo uses horses and is on land water polo is in the water and polo is on land and it involves horses.

How do you play water polo without the horse?

Water Polo is a very different sport to Polo. The way it is played is completely different and the equipment is different. There are no horses involved, just like there are no mallets involved and the ball is also different. Water Polo has its own rules.

Why do you play Marco polo?

Hmm. Well, you could play polo, on a horse in a field. You could play water polo in a pool. Either of these, I suppose you would play for fun. Marco Polo was a famous Italian who traveled to China. If there were a drama about him, you could play Marco Polo by wearing a costume and reciting lines. Why would you? Probably the same reason you might play Romeo or Juliet or Richard III.

What has the author Charles Hines written?

Charles Hines has written: 'How to play and teach water polo' -- subject(s): Water polo

Is water polo gay?

Yes, yes indeed water polo is gay. If you play water polo then you have nothing to do with your life and just want to prune in a pool full of men in speedos with raisin dicks. Try a new sport like beer-pong or hopscotch. I have never met a water polo player that was not a complete fag**t. If you watch horror movies by yourself and worship the devil, go play water polo. You should play a harder sport like hotdog eating or extreme sheep wrestling.

How old should should you be to play water polo?

Pretty much anyone from the age of 11 can play, and there is even a junior version of water polo called 'flippaball' for 9 and 10 year olds.

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