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You lap someone in a Nascar race.

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Q: Do you overlap or lap someone in a NASCAR race?
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How many laps in a 200 lap Nascar race have to be run to make it an official race?

To be an official Nascar race, the drivers must complete 100 of 200 laps. Once lap 101 begins, it's an official race.

What is the format for the Nascar All-Star race?

The Nascar All-Star race consists of 100 laps.50 lap segment with a mandatory 4-tire green flag pit stop at lap 25Two 20 lap segments10 minute break10 lap shootout to determine the winner

What is considered the lead lap in NASCAR?

Any car that is on the same lap as and has not been passed as the race leader.

Has a driver ever won a Nascar race being a full lap ahead of everyone else. If so who and when?

bill rlliot

When was the last Nascar race when only one car finished on the lead lap?

Geoff bodine 1994 Hoosier tires

How do you determine the final average speeds at a nascar sprint cup race?

43 cars in nascar running together at the end how do you determine what the average speeds are not qulifying or practice but the total lap speeds

How does a NASCAR event start?

The pace car leads the cars around the track for one lap and then a green flag is waved signifying the start of the race.

Meaning of end lap and side lap?

1) Endlap: this is the amount by which the photographs overlap along the strip. 2) Sidelap: is the amount of overlap across the block.

How many miles per hour was the fastest qualifying lap in Nascar history?

The fastest qualifying lap (in MPH) in NASCAR History took place at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. Bill Elliott turned in a lap of 212.809 MPH to become the fastest man in NASCAR with a record that will never be broken in NASCAR.

What are all the different ways nascar driver can earn points during a race?

1)To lead a lap 2) to lead the most laps 3) The closer to leading the race, the more points are gained

Why is it important to pit under green in a Nascar road race?

Not sure, but I don't think you have to worry about going a lap down in a road race, because the lap times are so much longer. You would want to use the caution laps to catch back up to the lead pack.

How many times does the race car go around the track in one race?

it depends on the race and the type of car nascar is usally split into a series or tournament which can last up to 350 laps