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no you dont need a helmet on scooter or skateboard olny on bike QLD

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Q: Do you need to were a helmet on a skateboard?
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Do you have to wear a helmet on a skateboard in Alberta?

Yes, and you need to wear a skateboard helmet, And all islands have skateboard helmet, Example:Hong Kong. So if you'v crashd in the head your head will be saved and no one died.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a skateboard in California?


Can a bmx helmet be used to skateboard?


Need to wear a helment when riding a skateboard in Victoria?

wearing a helmet is crucial when doing any active sport. stick to the safe side, wear a helmet

What should you also buy for when buying a skateboard?

a helmet

What type of helmet do you need for a bicycle?

Well, a motorcycle helmet would offer more protection, but it'll be a lot heavier and sweatier than a purpose-made bicycle helmet. A skateboard helmet would be a fairly sensible alternative.

Is skateboarding without a helmet illegal?

It's illegal to skateboard without a helmet in some states.

Is it illegal for people to skate board with out a helmet?

It depends on where you live.It is ALWAYS stupid to skateboard without a helmet, no matter where you live.

What is the preposition in this sentence its a good thing Christopher was wearing his helmet when he fell off of his skateboard?

The preposition is of.The prepositional phrase is: of his skateboard.

Can you skateboard with a bike helmet?

yeah but you might look a bit of a noob(beginner)

When does a child need to wear his or her helmet while skateboarding?

A child should wear at all times their helmet; knee pads and elbow pads when they are on the skateboard. If the child resists then show them pictures of some of the famouseskateboarders while practicing because most of them do wear at least the helmet.

Do You Have To Be Skinny To Skateboard?

No you need to be skinny to skateboard!!!

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