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Yes Always wear a protective cup because you could get hurt in you testicle that is the number 1 boys are supposed to take care because that area is really important even if you play sports wear a protective cup so you don"t get Hirt in the most important thing in boys body.You could loose testicle. If you get hurt in the private report it to the doctors so you could get medcine or you might get surgery and you could loose one

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Q: Do you need to wear a protective cup for basketball?
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Do boys wear a cup playing basketball?

no, boys do not wear a cup playing basketball

What do football players wear under a girdle?

They wear a cup and protective pads

Do basketball player wear a cup?

If they have big junk I think that most basketball players just wear a regular kind of a jockstrap without a cup. However, some high school basketball players wear a cup because they are concerned about getting hit in their sensitive area. When I played basketball in my teens, a couple of the guys on our team awlays wore a cup.

Do girls need to wear a cup when catching baseball?

No, girls do not need to wear a cup when catching baseball.

Do you need a Protective cup in baseball?

yes I would strongly advise that Absolutely!

Do soccer goalies wear cups?

No, there is no need for a goalkeeper to wear a cup.

Should I wear a cup for spear fishing . .?

There is a crotch strap used for diving that should be protective. Check in with the experts.

What is the difference from a cup and a jockstrap?

A cup is the hard protective cover you wear to protect against impact. A jockstrap can be used to hold the cup in place, or worn to support the genitals during sports.

When should you wear an athletic supporter?

You should definitely wear an athletic supporter anytime you need a protective cup, so sports where you might get hit. But you should also wear an athletic supporter for non contact sports like running to keep from bouncing and twisting.

What protective gear do you have to wear for karate?

That depends greatly on the place where you study karate. The biggest item is the gi itself. The heavy material protects the wearer. In my school, that is all you wear. In some, you must wear a cup, pads on the hands and feet and headgear. Your instructor will know what you need.

When was Turkish Cup Basketball created?

Turkish Cup Basketball was created in 1967.

When was Russian Basketball Cup created?

Russian Basketball Cup was created in 2000.

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