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No, you don't.

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2010-08-21 13:56:37
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Which sport uses a piece of equipment 5foot wide and 9 foot long

How are snow mounds removed at South Pole

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Q: Do you need to know how to skii before you learn to snowboard?
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How much is the best snowboard?

How much MONEY? I need to know what you mean by MUCH

What do you need to know before going to Yemen?

It would be best to learn Arabic before traveling to Yemen.

How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?

Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

Learn About Computer Systems Before Using Them?

You should always take the time to learn about technology before you put it to use. This will help you to use it more effectively. If you do not know what cloud computing means, for instance, you should read about it before paying for the services. If you do not know what a firewall is, you should learn about it before you download one. You need to know what to expect from the technology.

Why do you need snowboard wax?

You need to wax your snowboard because it reduces friction and lets your snowboard slide better. Its also reduces wear and tear from day to day use.

Do you need snowboard boots?


What does one need to know before hunting deer?

Before you go deer hunting, the first thing you need to know is safety. You also need to learn to sit quietly and to pay attention. Always be aware of your surroundings and others.

Can you put union snowboard bindings on a Burton snowboard?

Yes, but you need a special base plate.

What do I need to know before signing up for PLC training classes?

You should know if it an accredited location, and how long are the classes. You should also learn what you will need to know to pass final test.

What equipment do you need for Olympic snowboarding?

a snowboard

What size does a 10 year old that weighs 100 pounds need for a snowboard snowboard?

Around a 146

How do you play the sport snowboarding?

You need a ski/snowboard recreation area and a snowboard. Some lessons are advised.

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