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Nope but u gota be smart on the court. U gotta knOw what to do onlthe court against opponents. Cuz if you don't u'll Nvr get on the NBA unless u hav craY shootin accuracy or ur super tall like Yao ming

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No not really but sometimes you do derrick rose for an example he got Ds and Cs for his letter grade 2 Bs

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Q: Do you need to have good grades to make the nba?
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Did Derrick rose get good grades in high school?

No he does not have a college degree. He attended the University of Memphis for 1 year before leaving for the NBA.

What does your grade average has to be to make it to the NBA?

I asked this question lol, but I think your grade average has to be about hundred (over 95%) to make to the NBA. Your behavior may also matter. Only if your as good as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Russel Westbrook together you can make it to the NBA with low grades.

How do you make it to NBA?

you have to be good at basketball

What do you need to go to the NBA?

good skills

Do you need your grade twelve to make the NBA?

you might

Can you make it in the NBA by going to community college?

If your really good you should transfer to a Division 1 or 2 team to make it into the NBA.

Why do the NBA have all-star games?

to show good nba players and to make more money for the league

What does it take to make a professional nba team?

you need to be black

Is sam favela going to make the nba?

no not good enough

Why is carmelo anthony so good?

He is young and is a very good player in the NBA.

How do people make the NBA?

You need to be a good basketball player and work hard at your skills. Also, remember to never give up and to follow your dreams.

What type of schooling do you need to become a NBA player?

You will need to attend and play basketball at a high school (grades 9-12) and then at least one year at a NCAA D1 college. (A lower level college could be attended but it would lessen your chances of joining the NBA)