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No, you don't the only thing you need to play football is HEART..just remember hard work beats talent

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Q: Do you need to be tall to get into your freshmen football team in high school?
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How many credits do you need for your freshmen year of high school?

You need like #34 or #33

If your a freshmen playing football do you need a lot of weight?

no not neccassarily

What are the high school courses that you will need for this profession?

a football player

Do I need a BA to be an assistant high school football coach?


Do you need to have any experience to play high school jv or freshman lacrosse?

It depends on the school, I came in as a freshmen and played jv and the next year I started varsity but my program is not the best

Why does Robert e lee high school sucks at football?

They need better coaches

What do you need to play high school football?

Obviously a Helmet and a shoulder Pad. You will also need good grades.

What kind of degree you need to become a football player?

you dont need an degree, just have to be out of high school for 3 years.

What specific tasks will you need to be a pro football player involve?

You need to have a lot of training and education you do not need to go to high school or collage but it will boost your chances of being picked on a Football team

What does a junior in high school need to do to prepare themselves for becoming a professional football player?

go to P.E.

How many wins does a Michigan high school football team need to make the playoffs?

traverse city

Why can't you wear a nike visor in high school football?

The referees need to be able to see your eyes at all times.