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Yes, there is no real difference than doing it in an oven, just the size of your heat source. You treat the meat the same.

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Q: Do you need to add water when roasting in an Electric Roaster?
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Do you need to add water under the pan of an electric roaster oven?

No. Check the instruction guide.

What machine is used to make cocoa?

Fermented and dried cacao beans need to undergo roasting. A chocolatier can use a kitchen oven, a steel drum for roasting and a gas grill, a coffee roaster or a hot-air gun. For large-scale roasting, specific batch roasters and continuous roasting systems provide more efficient production.

How do you cook pinto beans in roaster oven?

You need to place your pinto beans in some kind of baking dish. You then can cover the beans with water and allow to slowly cook in your roaster oven.

What is a duty roaster?

A duty roaster is a list of duties that need to be done and also who is supposed to do those duties

Should we add broth in bottom of turkey roaster while it is cooking?

Broth is not necessary. A bit of water in the bottom the pan under the roasting rack will do the same thing. It prevents the turkey fat from burning to the bottom of your roaster, and it will make an excellent broth on it's own. No need to have an added expense. If you are not making giblet gravy, you can make your gravy with the "pan drippings" in the roaster. It's a better flavor, especially if you take the time to deglaze the pan..all that wonderful turkey bit in the bottom makes better gravy.

How long do you cook 20 pound unstuffed turkey in an electric roaster?

You'll need to cook it for seven and a half hours. It works well for Chicken too.

Are ovens supplied with a roasting tray, or is this something I need to buy separately?

Most models of ovens do not come with a roasting tray. It is a bakeware that you would need to purchase separately. Ovens do, however, come with roasting racks that allow you to place the roasting tray on.

Why does an egg need pores?

The egg need pores because the roaster need to produce sperm

Do you need gas for an electric water heater?

No, you only need gas for a gas water heater.

Why do coffee beans need to 'de-gas' after roasting?


How can you make electric pen?

you need to take electric energy put in the pen then put water

How do you cook a beef chuck roast in the oven?

You wash the beef off.Put the roast in a small roasting pan. Then season roast with seasoning.Fill roaster half way with water. Set oven to 350. Let this slow cook for about an hour an a half. Check roast after this time but may need to add more water , so this does not cover the roast. Let this cook for about another hour and a half or until roast falls apart when fork is placed in it.

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