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yes u need a metal coping for a mini ramp then it wouldn't work....good luck.

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Q: Do you need metal copeing on a mini ramp?
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Does rasp skatepark have a mini ramp?

RASP does have a mini ramp, its a 4ft mini (its pretty nice). it usually gets crowded quickly though

Is luan the best wood for a skateboard mini ramp?

It is alright for the surface of the ramp but not for the structure of the ramp.

How do you make a mini-ramp?

get wood

What supplies do you need to build a 2 foot high and 4 feet long mini ramp?

all depends how big you want your ramp to be and how thick your wood is etc. etc.

Is a halfpipe easier to skate than a mini ramp?

No, your better off starting on a 4 foot mini ramp. Perfect any moves before taking on a halfpipe.

Is a mini halfpipe easier to skate than a mini ramp?

Actually, they're the same exact thing.

Where can you buy a mini ramp?

u can go to west 49 or the board shop

When does the rail slide micro mini ramp sweepstakes end?

The first comp ends in December 2008 but there will be another one starting straight after that, and another after that one etc.....Basically Railslide are holding a marathon of comps on the Micro Mini Ramp

Disability Ramp Repair?

form_title=Disability Ramp Repair form_header=8003 What do you need to have repaired?*= [] Ramp [] Wooden handrails/pickets [] Metal handrails/pickets [] Add/replace handrails [] Add non-skid surface [] Change slope [] Change length or direction [] Paint [] Other What is the location of the ramp?*= [] Front door [] Back door [] Side door [] Indoors [] Other What are the intended uses of the ramp?*= [] With walker [] With motorized scooter [] With motorized wheelchair [] With manual wheelchair [] Other What material is the ramp constructed from? (Check everything applicable)*= [] Wood [] Metal [] Concrete [] Wood rails [] Wrought iron rails [] Metal tube rails [] Other [] Don't know

When does the skateboard ramp competition on the Railslide website for a micro mini ramp end?

they hold 2 comps a year so its June for the first one and October for the second

How do you make skate board ramp?

you can go to this site and it has a video of how to make a mini ramp and if you just click some links, you can look at other ramps too. so try that and see if you like it.

What do you have to hold against the ramp to use surf in counter strike?

for you to surf in counter strike you need to make sure when you jump onto the ramp do not hold the W which is the forward button that will make you slip off the ramp. For you to stay on the ramp you need to hold the strike button A or D depending on which side of ramp you on so if you surf on the ./\ left side of the ram you need to hold D to push your buddy against the ramp if you on the right side /\. then you hold A to push up against it.