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You don't have to wear gloves on both hands but get whacked with a stick on the hand that doesn't have a glove on it and ouch, that's gonna hurt.

you don't have to but it is better to wear them so your hands don't hit by other sticks The two answers above are missing the point. The ball cannot be raised off the ground during indoor hockey and therefore the technique for stopping the ball when it is travelling to a players left, is to turn the stick over (so that the hook is to the floor) and holding the stick in the left hand only, put the left hand onto the ground making a long barrier over which the ball cannot legally be raised. As this needs to be done many times at speed during the course of a game, it is usual to wear a glove on the left hand to protect the knuckles. This technique can be applied to outdoor hockey as well as indoor hockey, Whilst it perfectly legal to wear a glove on both hands , if you ask any decent player, they will tell you that wearing gloves reduces the "feel" of the stick. This is why many gloves are open palmed, so that the feel of the stick can be retained. When hockey is being played correctly it is very unusual for a player to be hit on the hand by another stick, and if this is what is worrying you then you should probably take up another sport.'

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Players have the option to. You wear gloves so you don't get blisters on your hand from the stick, and the gloves have finger and knuckle pads, protecting you from having an injured hand. Goalies are permitted to wear oversize hand pads if they wish to.

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They provide padding for the hands of the players. Boy's Lacrosse glove allow the best flexibility and comfort for the player's hands.

-from a indoor Field Hockey player

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Q: Do you need gloves for both hands for indoor hockey?
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Can you wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

You can use girls lacrosse gloves as field hockey gloves, they are actually great to be used for outdoor field hockey. In indoor field hockey I would not recommend using them though, because they do not provide enough padding. In indoor you have to get low to the point where your hand is almost on the ground, leaving it exposed, also the ball moves much faster so getting hit does hurt more, so you want well padded gloves for indoor. There are indoor field hockey gloves made, normally they are made for the left hand only but you may want to get another one to protect the right hand as well.

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Which hockey term is defined as hitting an opponent with the stick while it is held in both hands?


Field hockey glove?

Gloves are a piece of equipment to use in hockey, provided they are suitable for the purpose. The two main glove types are either for protection or grip. Gloves worn for grip often cover the whole of the palm and fingers on both hands in order to give the best hold on a stick in wet conditions. A protective glove is usually worn only on the left hand and helps stop a turf from grazing the hand during a sweep or trap, or from being seriously injured (I have seen a man's finger almost severed by a hockey stick, so they are worth considering).

What is the important symbols in hockey?

Clipping. One hand behind the knee. Cross checking. Both hands forward.

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You need to take it in to a store to be relaced, and they just put the laces threough the holesand tie it it underneath the leather at both ends.

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In hockey what is cross checking?

The action of using the shaft of the stick between the two hands to forcefully check an opponent

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It is Both

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