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No, Winsor Pilates has a great Pilates program that involves no equipment. There's other also but this is the best I have found.

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2013-12-30 00:00:22
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Q: Do you need equipment to do Pilates exercises?
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If you do Pilates do you need to work out with weights separately?

If you are incorporating the Pilates equipment no, you do not.

What is Pilates or physical mind method?

Pilates consists of over 500 exercises done on the floor or primarily with customized exercise equipment. The exercises combine sensory awareness and physical training.

What exercises do you do in Pilates?

I love doing Pilates on swiss ball

How many different exercises did Joseph Pilates invent?

There are over 500 exercises that were developed by Joseph Pilates.

How is reformer Pilates different than regular Pilates?

Regular Pilates exercises are generally performed on a mat. Reformer Pilates exercises are performed on a special apparatus called a reformer. The reformer will have a series of springs, straps, pulleys and gears which are used during the various exercises.

Are there any pilates machines that can provide both strength training and an aerobic workout?

THe best way to combine aerobics with Pilates is by adding aerobic exercises with the use of the Pilates jump board, such as simulating running. Trend Pilates has several high priced pieces of Pilates equipment that can add plenty of aerobics to your workout.

What kind of core exercises does Pilates offer?

Some core exercises that Pilates offers is the roll up, the one-leg circle, and the hundred. These are various core exercises that are performed in Pilates to strengthen the core abdominal muscles.

How To Practice Pilates at Home?

Pilates is a low impact yet all encompassing workout. It not only burns calories, but it lengthens and tones your muscles giving you a lean, dancer-like body. Going to a weekly pilates class isn’t always possible though. Thankfully it is easy enough to practice pilates in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little knowledge about the exercises and a quiet space.In order to learn how to do pilates in your home, you need to know basic pilates exercises. The best way to do this is to take a few classes. A lot of the benefits of pilates rely on completing the exercises with good form, and a qualified instructor can help to ensure that your form is correct. If you can’t make it to a class, there are plenty of books and DVDs with basic pilates exercises in them. You can even search the internet and find pilates videos.Once you feel comfortable with the exercises, you will be able to practice at home. The only equipment you should need is a yoga mat. Some exercises may require a fitness ball, medicine ball or exercise band, so if you will need those make sure you have them ahead of time. More advanced pilates exercises use large expensive equipment such as the wunda chair or the cadillac, but that type of equipment is not required for at home workouts.Finding a quiet place to workout in is very important. You want to be away from distractions such as children, pets or ringing telephones. Similar to yoga, pilates is just as mental as it is physical. After a workout you should feel mentally relaxed. You may want to play classical music and light some scented candles to enhance the relaxing mood. If you are working out to an instructional DVD, you will of course need a television in the room with you.Pilates is the type of aerobic activity you can do both in a group or alone. If you are the type of person who likes solitary exercise, you can easily do a pilates workout at home.

What are the best exercise mats?

The best exercise mat is going to depend on what exercises you are doing. Different mats are made for different exercises, such as Yoga, Pilates, stretching, exercise equipment, and more.

What kind of Pilates exercise equipment is most beneficial?

They are many different types of Pilates exercise equipment's that can be helpful to many people.....some that are useful are Pilates ladder barrel, Pilates mats, Pilates caddilac's, pilates spine correctors, Pilates towers and toning balls.

Can you rent Pilates equipment for home use in the Chicago area?

You can buy a lot of PIlates equipment, but nothing appears for rentals. Most Pilates equipment is rather simple and inexpensive any way.

What type of aerobic equipment do I need for pilates?

Some of the common aerobic equipment used for pilates are gloves, an exercise mat, water aerobics equipment (such as water dumbbells that have built-in flotation pads), step bench, and hand weights.

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