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Yes! in fact, you can't even wear "cleats'. You have to wear flat-bottomed shoes.

It's recommended to have 'soccer shoes' for indoor.

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Q: Do you need different cleats for indoors soccer?
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Are football and soccer cleats similar?

Football and soccer cleats are similar in some ways but because of the function they need to perform they are also very different. Soccer cleats are lighter so the player can run fast, and football cleats are higher on the ankle to support the ankle during contact.

Child who plays soccer and softball do you need two different cleats or can you have one pair for both sports?

you can have the same cleats for both

How do you know what kind of soles you need for soccer cleats?

I believe it is based on the type of surface you are playing on. Hard soil, artificial turf, slippery wet fields, all require different soccer cleats.

What kind of equipment do i need for a soccer match?

A field. Markings on the field. Goals with nets (2). Corner flagposts (4). A ball. Officials and players bring their own equipment.

What is the difference between soccer boots and soccer cleats?

Rugby boots are usually stronger and usually have 10 studs, where soccer cleats have around 16. Depending on which position a player plays in rugby, their boots may be as light as soccer cleats for backs, or heavier and sturdier for forwards.

What does a soccer player need to be come one?

cleats, shinguards, long socks, shorts, light jersey, and sign on a soccer league

Are football or soccer cleats better for running on grassy fields?

You can find all the information you need at this website,

What equipment do you need to play soccer on a traveling soccer team?

usually you need a tee shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks, cleats, and a soccer ball. Some teams will give you a practice jersey which you will be expected to wear specifically for their practices.

Will turf cleats work on grass?

Well, you should probably not use metal cleats. The soccer referees won't allow metal cleats. Just check out Adidas cleats online or Nike and they should have the kind you need. That's what I have for soccer.

What equiptment do you need for soccer?

You really just need the ball to play. But if you want to play it like in the professional football leagues you will need soccer boots/cleats, shin guards, a team uniform and of course the ball.

What equipment do you to have in soccer for the players?

The first item that you will need is cleats. When purchasing cleats, you must make sure that they are specifically soccer cleats, not baseball or any other sport. Secondly, you will need shinguards. When trying on shinguards, make sure that there is not a empty space between the shinguard and your shin. If there is a space then they do not fit properly. You also need socks that are long enough to cover your shinguards completely. That is all you really need, but there are numerous items that you could purchase, but just are not required.

Besides the ball name something you need to play soccer.?

Players Net Cleats Feet Uniform Protective Gear