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no the regular tools should get the job done if you know what your doin

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Q: Do you need any special tools to remove the primary clutch on your Kawasaki 360 Prairie?
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How do you change kawasaki 360 prairie drive belt?

Remove side cover, remove clutch ( primary the smaller clutch) and belt will come off easy. Make sure to install new belt with arrow on belt pointing in the right direction (forward)

Installing drive belt for 1999 Kawasaki Prairie 400 4X4?

To install drive belt on a 1999 Kawasaki Prairie 400 4x4, access the engine area and remove the cover that holds the clutch. Remove the drive belt around the clutch at the right side of the engine. Replace with new.

How do you adjust the clutch on a kawasaki bayou 300?

The clutch on a Kawasaki Bayou 300 can be adjusted with the use of the 2 adjusting screws. Turn them clockwise to tighten the clutch and counterclockwise to loosen the clutch.

Can you use car motor oil in a 1999 kawasaki ninja 750?

no. they make special oil for motorcycles that have additives for the wet clutch.

How does a person change a clutch kit on a 1995 kawasaki dirt bike?

Can u teach me how to change a clutch kit for a 96 kawasaki Volkin??

Is the kawasaki ksr mini bike with a manual clutch?

No, it has manual gearchange, but no clutch.

How much oil is in clutch box 1986 kawasaki kx80?


How do you remove secondary clutch from a kawasaki mule?

3 jaw puller

Why is clutch slipping on 1999 Kawasaki vulcan nomad?

lack of spring pressure, clutch pack smoked or not assembled proper.

What would cause a slight nosie near clutch area and goes away when you pull on the clutch lever kx125 kawasaki?

Slack in the clutch release or clutch basket. It might adjust out.

How do you replace clutch on a kawasaki 300 bayou ATV?

A person can replace the clutch on a Kawasaki 300 Bayou ATV. They first need to taking it apart. A person will need tools like a wrench and screw driver.

How do you free a clutch that is frozen to the flywheel?

On a 1971 Kawasaki 500, how do you unstick a frozen clutch? The clutch plates must have fused together in the 7 yrs it sat still.