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NO because you don't often get shot in the neck. But it's optional.

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Q: Do you need a neck guard for paintballing?
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How much does paintballing hurt?

As much as a thick rubber band snap on the back of your neck, except wherever you get hit.

What is neck guard in french?


Do you need pods for free paintballing?

You only need pods if you consistently shoot more then 200 rounds per game.

What do you wear in hockey?

You need a helmet, mouth guard, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin pads, socks, a can, and skates. Also don't forget a stick.

How to Join a professional paintballing team?

You can join a professional paintballing team by taking part in their auditions or trials.

What are some advantages to having a paintball park in your town?

you don't need t travel far to go paintballing

What gear do you need to go paintballing?

The very basics are: A paintball mask, paintballs, A paintball gun, an air tank, and a hopper.

Can a 10 year old go paintballing?

in america 10yr olds can go paintballing it just depends which county but in england u have to be 11

What do you wear when you go speed skating?

In long track just skates... But in Short Track you need to wear a helmet, neck guard, cut proof gloves, and skates.

Will my paintballing smoke grenade still work if I left it outside overnight in the rain?

No, your paintballing smoke grenade will not work if left outside overnight in the rain.

Who invented the ice hockey neck guard?

do you really care i mean how important can this be

What is the legal age to go paintballing in the UK?

12 is the minimal age with parental consent, but, if you're over 16 you can go paintballing without parental consent.

What equipment will you need when playing certain sports?

This list can go on for long, but in most sports, you need a helmet. I have the hockey answer though Player: A CSA approved helmet, elbow pads and shoulder pads, hockey pants, neck guard, gloves, slash guards (for a short cuff glove) shin guards, a cup and skates. Optional: mouth guard, in some leagues full masks, and in the Nhl, visors Goalie: Specialy made goalie cup, goalie pants, goalie pads, chest protector, blocker, catcher, helmet, skates and a neck guard. Optional: Neck guard that appears above the jersey. It is attached to the helmet

How many security guard classes do I need to become a securty guard?

You need a total of 100 hours of traning and classes to become a securty guard.

How old do you have to be to go paintballing?

the minimum age is 10

Francisco franco's hobbies?

paintballing, rowing, skipping

How much is it to go paintballing?

Roughest estimate: $50.

Why is paintballing get your adreniline pumping?

Because it were happen to awesome.

Why was paintballing invented?

Because its awesome! you should try it its so fun!

How do you say paintballing in french?

faire du paintball

What is the difference between junior group and adult group in paintballing?

well the adult gun is more powerful than the junior and i know this because i have been paintballing when i was junior and twice when i am older

What gear do the hockey players need?

in ice hockey you will need a helmet neck guard chest protecter/shoulder pads elbow pads, jack(M) or jill(F) hockey pants, hockey socks, shin pads and good skates.

Can you do paintballing in limerick?

There is combat zone close to Newcastle west

Are there paintballing tournaments in the UK?

There are but google for sited near your location.

What is the biggest co2 cartridge tank you can get for paintballing?

24 oz.

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