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yes they do put a cast on but they can sometimes put a spica thumb splint on it depending upon how badly broken it is but if it is really bad they might have to operate but that is very rare.

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No u don't,well maybe if u badly need one get it

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i don't think so... mabye just a brace.

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Q: Do you need a cast for a dislocated thumb?
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How do you treat a dislocated thumb?

Visiting a doctor and using a sort of cast for the arm including the thumb.

What are signs of a dislocated thumb?

A dislocated thumb will occur after the thumb joint has been placed under unusual stress, and will normally occur while playing a sport such as football, or if you fall hard on your hand. The symptoms include: immobility of the thumb, swelling around the thumb, pain (usually severe) and a crooked look to the thumb.

How long does it take for dislocated thumb to heal?

6 weeks

What causes thumb pain?

splinter, broken, dislocated(it can happen, i have made it happen), infected

Who has injured themselves in gymnastics?

Yes I have: broken thumb, dislocated shoulder, L-5 vertebrae stress fracture, fractured growth plate in heel, dislocated elbow, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, broken nose

Do you need a cast for a chipped bone in the thumb?

You will either receive a hard or soft cast. Depending on your work environment as well as your daily routine.

How long does a dislocated ankle take to heal?

Mines is going to take 8 weeks with a cast.

Does dislocated have a suffix?

The suffix of dislocated is -ed.

Does it hurt when doctors put back your dislocated thumb?

yes, it will hurt while they locate the bone back ,but they will give you a pain killer that will numb you for a little and after a few weeks it wont hurt as much but you thumb WILL NOT look the same or as before. I hope that answers your question

What will happen if you dislocate your knee?

A knee can be dislocated as a result of a sudden impact and force directly on the knee. For example: a direct hit on the knee from a fall. It can be dislocated as a result of an awkward running position as well. Dislocations can also occur from medical problems associated with disease.

What do you need to use to protect your dislocated finger while playing basketball?


How do you use 'dislocated' in a sentence?

A dislocated shoulder or knee can be quite painful.