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Not necessarily, but if you want to get into serious tricks like tail whips and bar spins i suggest you get a bmx. but you can easily do a wheelie or a small bunny hop with a mountain bike.

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Q: Do you need a bmx bike to do tricks?
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Where can you find some BMX bike tricks?

You can either check youtube or most bmx bike websites have videos of tricks, check

On a BMX bike what does freestyle mean?

freestyle means tricks on a BMX

What is better a bmx bike or a trick bike?

There's no such thing as a trick bike buddy. A bmx technically is a "trick" bike. So just get a bmx if you want to do tricks.

Is the Scan R10 a good bmx bike?

Is the Scan R10 a good bmx bike for doing tricks on

What is some 1 that does tricks on a bike?

a bmx rider

Is the Mongoose Culture 2011 BMX Bike good?

Yes its a fantastic bike and great for tricks

What is BMX biking?

Bmx biking is riding a bike, usually with 20 inch wheel, and doing tricks and jumps with it.

Can you swap a normal bike for a bmx?

If you have a "normal" bike (whatever you mean by that), and want to do BMX style riding, then sure, get a BMX instead. But if you're not interested in tricks, stunts and jumps, then a "normal" bike will probable be more useful to you.

Who is Tim knoll related to?

There is no information on who BMX rider, Tim Knoll is related to. Tim is known for doing BMX tricks on his bike.

What are bmx tricks?

Tricks done on a bmx bicycle .

Which bike is better bmx or gear bikes?

If you want to use your bike to get around with, then a geared bike with bigger wheels is better. It will be faster, less fatiguing and offer greater rider comfort. But if you want to do BMX style riding, with jumps and tricks and that, then a BMX is a better choice.

How do you become a bmx biker?

first you need a bmx it depends what style down hill dirt bike or stunts and tricks,mongoose are very good but alot of money and dirt bmx bikes are middle price i would go 4 a stunt one personally but its up 2 u whats your style going 2 be?mongoose is the worst bike ever for bmx if you are doing bmx you need to in vest into a dk bike it cost 279 - 300 but is worth evey penny