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That would be a pitching wedge.

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Q: Do you need a 10 iron in your bag?
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How do you get candle wax off your shoes?

You can use a brown paper bag and a cool iron. Put bag on wax and as you iron it sucks the wax into the bag test first.

What does the medicine bag contain?

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What is a 10 iron golf club?

A 10 iron is usually found in Callaway golf sets of irons, it is basically a pitching wedge. I have an old set of Yonex ADX irons and it has 3-10 iron with P and S wedge. The standard wedge degrees are as follows:Flop Wedge-64 degrees Lob Wedge-60 degrees Sand Wedge-56 degrees Gap Wedge-52 degrees Pitching Wedge-49/48 degrees I believe the 10 iron is around 44-45 degree. But the better question is do you need one in your bag?

Can you bring a travel iron on an airplane with you?

in your luggage you can but on a carry on bag.

How do you separate sand from iron fillings?

You need a magnet. A tip is to put a plastic bag over the magnet, so then later on you can take down the iron fillings at once rather than one by one.

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Why do people need iron?

Do you need A PE bag for 6th grade?

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What is a 10 club in golf?

These clubs are usually made by Callaway, I have seen them in the Big Bertha sets. They are basically a pitching wedge. I would consider a 10 Iron to be more of a lob wedge. Mine is an old Spalding with a 60º loft, and hands down the best club in my bag. I have worked magic with that 10 iron.

Can you carry a curling iron on an airplane?

Yes you can. It can be placed in your carry on bag.

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