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From the tip or apex of the plate to the front edge of the pitching rubber.

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Q: Do you measure the softball mound from in front of home plate or behind?
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For fastpitch softball how do you measure from the pitchers mound to homeplate. Is it from the back of the pitchers mound to the back of homeplate or front of mound to back of plate?

Measure from the front edge of the pitching rubber to the back tip of home plate.

Do you measure 43ft back of softball mound to back of home plate?

43 feet from front of pitching rubber to tip of home plate

How do you measure the distance from the pitching plate to home plate for softball?

The distance used is measured from the back tip of home plate to the front of the pitching mound.

Do you measure from the front or back of home plate when measuring the pitchers mound?

The front part closest to the mound.

How to build an indoor dirt softball mound?

You can't. Softball doesn't have a raised mound.

Is the softball mound elevated?


How do you measure the distance from home plate to softball mound?

From the tip of the plate to the edge of the rubber closest to the plate.

What type of surface is softball played on?

A softball feild. It basically consists of a flat area with dirt/sand over it. You measure out the bases and the pitchers mound and you've got a softball feild.

What is the difference in height between a women's college softball pitchers mound and home plate?

There is no height difference. A softball mound is not raised like a baseball mound.

What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.

Pitchers mound in softball?

There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt. There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt.

How far is the softball mound from home plate in NSA slowpitch softball?

40 feet

How far away is a twelve and under softball pitching mound?

From homeplate to the pitchers mound is 40ft.

How far is the pitching mound in 8u softball?

35 feet.

How far is collage softball pitchers mound?

43 feet

How is it measured from pitchers mound to plate in softball?

it depends on what division

In NCAA girls softball how far is the pitching mound?

The pitcher's mound is 43 feet away from home plate. It is the same in 18 Gold softball. At most other levels the pitcher's mound is 40 feet away from the plate.

What is the size of the pitching mound in softball?

The size of ball is 24" by 6". The circle of ball is 8' in radius with the center being 18" in front of the rubber.

How high is the mound in softball?

There actually is no "mound" in softball. It's flat from the rubber to the plate. That's why it's also called the "pitching circle", which is the more correct term since there actually is no mound. That term just carried over from baseball.

What is the distance between home plate and pitchers mound for 15 and under girls softball?

the distane from home plate to the pichers mound in 15 year old softball is 40 feet

What is a softball pitcher?

A softball pitcher is the girl in the circle on the mound in the center of the field. She is the girl who pitches the ball to the batters.

What is the height of the pitching mound in womens fast pitch softball?

There is no pitcher's mound in softball, just a flat plate. In fast pitch softball, a circle with an 8 foot radius is drawn around the plate. Also see the related question.

Why is a softball field different from a baseball field?

The pitcher's mound is not elevated at all. (if not professional league mound can be elevated) mound is closer than baseball mound, also there is no grass in the infield

How far is the pitcher's mound in little league softball?

40 feet.

How far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

43ft as of this year