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if you shoot a ball in to another opponents basket you give them a point and if you hit the eight ball first you lose the game if its at the end of the game you win

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Q: Do you lose the game if you shoot an opponents ball in and also the eight ball in the game of pool?
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What you have done if you shoot wide on a goal?

Try and retrieve the ball after the shot wide before your opponents do.

What is offensive in basketball?

When you are trying to shoot the ball in the hoop. Or also when you have the ball

How do you shoot a knuckle ball?

Shoot the ball with no rotation

How is math related to basketball?

the angel and at which you shoot determines how the ball will go in and to get the ball easily in the hoop you shoot it at the corner because at that angle the ball is going to go in (layup). Also the force and pressure you put on the ball also has to do with math.

What are the different billiards shots?

Pot red, Pot opponents ball, In off the red (the well known Russian !), In off the opponents ball & Cannon (Make your ball contact both the red & opponents ball.

In basketball can you shoot at an opponents goal and score points for your team?

No. If the ball goes in the hoop for any reason (unless through a kick ball, a pass from the out of bounds, or from underneath the hoop) it is points for that team.

Is it traveling in basketball when you hold the ball on the floor?

no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot

What is basketball ring?

basketball ring is where you can shoot the ball. it is a metal ring that sticks out of the backboard that you must shoot the ball through. The rim also contains a net that the ball falls out of once you make it in.

When do you score in volley ball?

When the ball hits the floor of your opponents side of the court.

How do you earn points in basketball?

earning points or score in basketball game is to shoot or throw the ball through the top of the opponents basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

What is a goal in basketball?

A goal is also referred to as a hoop. It is what you shoot the ball into in order to get points.

If you are on the black ball in pool and you get somebody elses ball in do you lose?

In the game of Eight Ball, when you have pocketed your other balls and are shooting at the eight ball (your last ball), if you accidentally pocket your opponents ball(s) you DO NOT lose the game. However, your opponent's ball(s) remain pocketed and your turn is over. If the cue ball didn't strike your object ball first (the eight / black ball in this case), then the shot may be considered a foul and your opponent may get "ball in hand" (choice of cue ball position) for his next shot. This depends on the specific rules you play by, though.

Where does Dwight howard shoot also how does what angle does he shoot it on?

Dwight howard shoots the ball on the three pointer he shoots it on a right angle of the circle

What do you call it when you score in a rugby match?

It is called a try when the ball is placed in the opponents in gaol area. There are also penalty goals - scored by kicking the ball over the opponents cross ball and between the uprights, you can convert a try - this is done when you following the grounded the ball in the opponents in goal area . The ball is kicked (like a penalty) over the cross bar. and you can "drop a goal". This is done by dropping the ball to the ground, as it hits the ground you must kick it over the opponents cross bar. There is also a Penalty Try. This occurs when the opposing team within 5 metres of their goal like continually commits offenses in an attempt to prevent a try try occurring

Does the type of stringing affect how you cradle or shoot the ball?

Yes, it also affects what kinds of shots you can do.

How can you catch a mew2 without a master ball onleaf greenfor advance?

shoot many poke ball or timer ball or all ball you have but dont shoot your master ball if you havet

Price of an eight ball?

an eight ball usually goes for around $170 - $200. Are they talking about an eight ball - dope (i.e. crack?) or an eight ball in pool? An eight ball in dope was about $150 - $175. I have NO idea how much a pool eight ball is.

What is the objective of the sport?

The objective of the sport is to shoot the ball into the opponents basket or hoop. You have to dribble the ball (you can run with the ball such as football) and to either shoot the ball or lay it up off the backboard and into the hoop. If you are closer than 22 feet from the basket it counts as two points but if you are behind that length then it counts as 3 points. The only exception is if you are shooting free throws but that is a whole different question. Contact me if you want to learn about that too.

Does the type of ball affect how well you shoot a basket?

In most cases, the type of ball does affect how well you shoot the basket. The grip must be just right for the person, along with the inflation of the ball, and several other characteristics, which affect how well you shoot a basket. Sometimes, it isn't the ball, but the way you shoot the ball. No

What is to smash the ball overarm into the opponents court in volleyball?


What are the ratings and certificates for Shoot That Ball - 1987?

Shoot That Ball - 1987 is rated/received certificates of: Philippines:G (MTRCB)

What is neet ball?

There is no such thing as neetball there is netball which is a team sport where you have to shoot the ball into the net, also having defenders (other team) defending you.

Who invented the eight ball?

who invented eight ball billiards

Which basketball is easer to shoot and make a small ball or a bigger ball?

the small ball