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Of course this is all a matter of opinion.

Both are amazing gymnasts.

Shawn - better at beam, pure talent

Nastia - all around gold medalist, parents both Russian gymnasts

For Shawn Johnson:

SHAWN JOHNSON! Shawn is cute, funny, wonderful smile, nice, pretty... etc. and a WAY BETTER gymnast.

Shawn Johnson. no doubt about it.

Shawn Johnson she can kick BUTT in the floor competition and she is just down right adorable

For Nastia Luikin:

Nastia Luikin! I mean come on who won gymnastic women's all around in 2008 Nastia Luikin!

Nastia who is slightly better, but both are great gymnasts

i like Nastia Luikin because Shawn Johnson quit gymnastics for danc

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Shawn Johnson is a wonderful gymnast that grew up in West Des Moines Iowa and won 2nd in the all around compotion at the Olympics she also won 1st place on the beam and 2nd place on the floor and 2nd place in the team compotion After the Olympics she went on tour with some of her team mates then moved to California to compete in the show Dancing with the Stars and won that too. She can't quite decide if she is going to go on it gymnastics or if she is going to retire. In USA gymnastics magazine Chow Johnson's coach) will not let her back in to the gym in-till she can fit in to her leotard.

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At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Nastia Liukin won 5 medals (1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze) and Shawn Johnson won 4 (1 gold, 3 silver).

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Nastia Luikin she won 9 medals in which 7 individuals! Don't hate!!

Nastia Liukin!

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Q: Do you like Shawn Johnson or natia liukin more?
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