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rejection, traveling, upset, charge, three, pick, rim, stop, shot, floater, three, touch

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Q: Do you know the kvoe beat the bracket buzz words?
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What are the KTLA Disney code words for November 11?

the second word is: buzz Do you know the first word?

In Pokemon platinum before you beat the elite 4 what rare Pokemon are between route 210 and celestic town?

I don't know, now buzz off!

What is bracket plus 2 bracket times bracket take away 4 bracket?

-8 (U could just have used the numbers rather than spelling it out u know)

Where did muckrackers get their name?

Ok this is how we do it this how we do it come now sing it you know the words and the beat keeps running

Can you do ESPN bracket optimizer without subscribing?

NO. You have to subscribe to have a bracket, but for other things on espn, I don't know.

How does buzz shoot in buzz lightyear of star command for the computer?

That's what i want to know :'( its really annoying me ffs.

What is the difference between brace and bracket?

I dnt know............

What are the fungus groups?

i do not know all four, but i know one is bracket fungi.

Does buzz vomit in home alone?

Yeah... Nice to know, right?

Why was Buzz Thatcher on The Jeffersons such a religious fanatic?

Either Buzz Thatcher was born and raised that way or he became that way. Whatever the case, people like Buzz do exist in real life: 1. Buzz was a mailman who attended church daily 2. Buzz didn't like jewelry because he considered the body a temple 3. Buzz believed a wife's place was at home 4. Buzz got upset when Florence corrected him in front of everyone over a Bible verse he made a mistake on - he believed a wife's duty was to honor her husband 5. Buzz rejected a Hindu needlepoint picture because it wasn't "CHRISTIAN" 6. Buzz called Louise Jefferson "a sinful woman" for wanting to "corrupt" Florence with a white, sexy nightgown and George Jefferson got in the middle, calling him a "Chump" 7. Buzz tried to protest when Florence stood up to him and told him off: "You know all the words, you just don't know what they mean!" I'm surprised Buzz didn't become a preacher himself, and I thought he was a distorted Christian because he lacked godly wisdom.

What part of the hummingbirds body makes the humming noise?

Hummingbirds hum for the same reason that bees buzz - their little wings beat so fast! It's just like an electric fan beating the air - it actually makes a sound.Hummingbirds hum for the same reason that bees buzz - their little wings beat so fast! It's just like an electric fan beating the air - it actually makes a sound.I thought because they didn't know the words!its throat makse the humming sound

What was buzz aldrins mothers name?

Ironically, Buzz Aldrin's mother's name was Marion Moon. I don't know about you, but I think it's some kind of sign!