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Check with the club you are going to play, they will most likely have a dress code. The dress code will most likely say that yes, you will have to wear a collared shirt, but it does not have to be white. Mock neck shirts have become popular in recent years, but some Golf clubs still do not allow them to be worn.

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It's just the accepted dress code for golf, it adds a touch of class. The majority of clubs will not let someone without a collared shirt play, an indication that a club or course is substandard is if they let players play without collared shirts.

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Different golf clubs have different rules, but the majority of golf clubs do have a strict dress code.

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Q: Do you have to wear a collared t-shirt for golf courses?
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What uniform is required to play golf?

No uniform as such. A pair of golf shoes, a collared shirt (usually polo), jumper, sweater, coat etc and a pair of chinos. You can wear shorts, but some courses require you pull your socks the whole way up!

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What is the dress code for a pro golfer?

A pro golfer usually wears golf pants, a golf shirt, and golf shoes. Some will also wear a hat and gloves. Certain courses have specific dress codes.

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Can you wear converse to golf?

You can wear what you are comfortable in at most public golf courses unless they post restrictions to attire. Private golf clubs will most likely require proper attire, including shoes. Having said that, converse may not be a good choice depending on the condition of the green.

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What should a female wear when golfing?

Depends how adventurous you are! The basics are a polo shirt, without heavy branding and a pair of chinos. You can also wear a jumper which is usually lambswool. You may also need a hat to protect you from the sun. When the weather isn't great you would wear a coat that you can still swing in and also a pair of waterproof trousers. Golf shoes are required on many, if not all courses. But check prior to your visit as some courses don't allow metal spikes.