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You have to have an e-mail to register the game. They will send you a verification code to enter when you buy the game.

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Q: Do you have to use the verification code to get a Minecraft account?
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Do you have to use the verifacation code to get a minecraft account?

I am pretty sure.

How do you get your verification code for MySpace?

Confirmation codes for PC games or similar software can be found in many different places. They can be on the disc itself, on the packaging, or on the back or front of the game manual. Usually the install guide will say where to find the confirmation code.

Does anybody have a Minecraft account i can use?

Anyone can make a Minecraft account at

When you make an account on minecraftnet can you also use it on minecraft launcher?

If you own Minecraft on that account then YES!

How to join Minecraft?

To join Minecraft, you can buy an account for around $26 Us Dollars, in a store (It looks like a gift card), and enter the code into after making an account, or purchase an account through the use of credit cards. Hope this helps.

Can you use a minecraft serial as many times as you want?

One gift code may only be used on one account.

What is the pass code and username for downloading minecraft?

When you register an account on the Minecraft website, you made a username and password then. That's the username and password you use for downloading and playing the client program.

What is a mine craft gift code?

A Minecraft gift code is something you can buy someone else - you pay for a premium account but don't use it yourself, the code is emailed to your chosen recipient instead.

Where to get free Minecraft gift code?

Your going to have to go to the Minecraft official site and make an account and purchase a gift code, but you're supposed to use them as gifts to other people, to sum up-there is none, you'll have to buy it for 21.95 currently.

What is Minecraft password?

The password is the secret code of sorts that you use to secure your account. When you register an account, you'll choose a username, and a password to access your username. When you log into the Minecraft site or the game itself, that's the password you use.

What is the password for Minecraft 1.0 version?

All you need to do is make an account on minecraft then buy the full version. If you do download it and you don't get the latest version you just use your minecraft password to update. If you don't know the password then you need to make a new account. If you've already bought minecraft and you forgot your password then you can redeem you minecraft gift code to buy minecraft for free. But you can only do this when you've bought minecraft before.

Does anyone have a minecraft account that you can use?

Anyone can make an account at the website.