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no you can also use gas it just depends on type it uses.

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Q: Do you have to use golf cart batteries on golf cart o?
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Can you drive a golf cart o a county road in steuben county Indiana?

yes you can

How much does a Columbia Par Golf Cart weigh?

30 pounds

Why doesn't your golf cart hold a charge when you don't use it for awhile and why won't it take a regular charge and what is the best way to charge the golf cart when it is totally dead.?

sounds like the battery has gone bad. you should replace it. Rechargeable batteries go bad over time and they lose their ability to hold charge. The drain could also be in the wiring. Next time you use it, get it all charged up and then unplug the battery cables before letting it sit. if it holds charge better with it unplugged, then the wiring is draining some of the charge. Most every wiring harness will leak a little, but if it's really bad, you may want to replace the cables. I would recommend disconnecting the battery any time you are leaving it for more than a week. Ain't no magic way to charge a dead battery, just hook it up and wait. The above is correct but let me add: You said "hold a charge" - Automatic chargers take care of recharging as needed so are you using one? You said "for a while" - How long is a while and is the automatic charger connected during that time? You said "the best way to charge" - The best is overall at low AMPS. You said "Totally dead" - Did you use a voltage meter to read the battery voltage because automatic chargers working properly will not recharge a cart if it has problems as a safety thing (Example: 1997 E-Z-Go 36 volt golf cart with Lester Brand auto charger will not come on if the total battery voltage [all six batteries] only measures something like 24 volts or less). Check each battery with a voltage meter to see if one battery is not like the others (example: 5 batteries at 4.6 volts & one at .4 volts = 23.4 so auto charger will not come on). What is causing the problem? Is it a bad battery or other? Watch your meter on the charger & it will tell you the overall condition of the batteries. Example: 36 volt golf cart with "broke in" batteries (over 100 charge cycles), Automatic charger with meter & water in batteries at proper level (not too full but at least covers metal inside batteries). 1) At the time plugged in - meter on charger jumps to 18-20 Amps 2) After just a few minutes - the meter will drop to 15-16 Amps 3) After 5 to 15 minutes - the charger meter drops below 10 Amps 4) After 20-30 minutes - the charge cycle stays below 4 Amps. That's a good set of batteries! Not so good: * Batteries (type I have) below 5.4 volts (6 volt battery) * One battery +/- .3 volts or more of other 5 batteries * Batteries with green film or corrosion on cables (too full of water) * Batteries that are wet on top (too full of water) * Charger stay on high AMPS (15-20) for hours to charge (Junk batteries & save on cost to recharge at low AMPS). I run a fleet of 90 electric golf cars (that is 540 batteries and those batteries had better last a minimum of 5 years or more. The most common mistakes I see the public do are over filling the batteries, over charging the batteries, or not keeping them clean. Hear is the big secret #1A: Golf car batteries are deep cycle (rated in volts, AMPS, and minutes) that like to be charged at low AMPS to save on your electrical costs. If you have to charge at high AMPS for a long time - you are wasting more money then the replacements would cost! My four year old batteries still get rented to run three times around the course (18 holes) problem free to come back in and charge at low AMPS! Big secret #1B: If the top of the batteries (safety glasses on before you check) look wet then that means the liquid inside has came out side to eat any metal surface. From our 7th grade science class we know that water is H2O. We add H2O to the solution already in the batteries (acid) to the proper level. Next we feed an electric correct through the batteries (charging) to store energy. The electric current breaks down and separates the H from the two O's to turn a liquid (H@O) into a gas (H+O+O). That gas must escape and that is why the battery caps are vented - to let the gas (1 part Hydrogen, 2 parts Oxygen, and some other by unhealthy byproducts escape. So that means if you over fill the batteries with H2O then the gas has to push out some liquid to make room resulting in initial wet battery tops and then nasty corroded cables. Big secret #2: Don't over charge. If you only use the golf cart to go check the mail and plug it back in each time then get used to spending money on batteries. The batteries are rated by minutes (like gas mileage). If you don't want to spend the time on wiki to find out how that works then make sure the next electric golf cart you get has a "state of charge" meter built in the golf cart. If you want to guess then calculate the time you spend with the pedal pushed all the way down to recharge after about 75% (i.e. the batteries maybe rated for 105-110 minutes so maybe after 78.75-82.5 minutes of run time, the manufacture may recommend the cart should be recharged (with normal batteries). Note that a round of golf may take 4-4 1/2 hours to play but your foot is not on the pedal all the time during the round. Big secret #3: Keep them clean. Baking soda added to water is the best way. You have to break down the acid to keep it from eating the metal. If you use soda then look in to how to keep the rats and mice from chewing on the wires. If you use a grease coating on the terminals then look in to how oil products change the properties of metals (soft lead gets hard). If you feel that a coating on the metal makes some kind of magic happen then use Vaseline cause it will break down with water and give an air tight seal. Note: I have never seen a coating product that works better then just cleaning with baking soda, proper water level, & proper charging. How do the pros do it? I have to put out my trash on Thursday so every Thursday I pick 1/4th of my fleet to clean, check batteries, and watch charging meters. If I only had one cart to take care of then I would pick something I have to do once a month - like pay the electric bill - to clean, check the batteries, and watch the charge meter (check three times within about 15 minutes). Note: In the summer I check battery water level once a month - Fall & Spring every two months and winter every 3 months.

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