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No, a player does not have to sign with the NFL team that drafted him. He can choose to not sign the contract.

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Q: Do you have to sign with NFL team that drafts you?
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Do you have to sign to the NBA team that drafts you?

no you don't, you are drafted and then have a choice to sign with them or sign with another team! hope this was helpful!

Does an nfl player have to accept the team that drafts him?

No. A team that drafts a player has one year to sign that player to a contract. If the team cannot sign the player because the player does not want to play for them, the team may trade the player to another team. If a drafted player has not signed a contract within one year of being drafted, that player may enter the draft again and be selected again.

What NFL team is mythological giants?

the bobsSaveSave Sign in Sign in What NFL team is called

What must an NFL player sign in order to play in the NFL?

They sign a contract with the team they're playing for.

Where can one view NFL mock drafts?

The NFL website offers viewing of NFL mock drafts for many season years. Other sites, including Big Blue View, CBS Sports, and Sports Illustrated have NFL mock drafts available.

What NFL team did hank baskett sign with?


How do you get the celebrities on your team in ESPN NFL 2K5?

Sign them to a team in roster mode.

How many NFL draft picks get a contract?

Most, even if the drafting team doesn't sign them they are free agents and any team can sign

What NFL team did David Pollack sign with after graduating from UGA?

Cincinnati Bengals

What do NFL free agents do?

An NFL free agent is a player in the National Football League in America that is not contracted to any team and is available to sign with any team. NFL free agents are football players.

How many NFL drafts have there been?

The 2008 draft was the 73rd in NFL history. The first draft was held in 1936.

If a NFL team fails to sign its draft pick do they get another pick in the next draft?