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you can but is is not required

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Q: Do you have to play on an aau team to go to the nba?
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How to make it to the nba?

Grind pracite makes perfect be skilled

How do you sign up for aau?

You don't sign up you find a coaches number from somebody or the team web site then you try out for the team just like that and when they start the season you play but when it ends you pay.Trust me i play AAU for the Tampa Terror.

How do you go to the NBA?

good question. First you have to play when your young. Then play for your middle school team . then you play for your high school team. When you go to college and your really good and make the team, you might get drafted by the NBA But you can get drafted from high school

Did Henry dalrymple go to the NBA?

No. He was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and was cut by the team. He never played in an NBA game. He then went to play in the CBA.

How do you become a good aau player?

1.Learn the rules to basketball 2.Train hard and learn good drills for defense,rebounding,shooting,dribbling, and more 3.Join leagues and get the feel of playing in a real game 4.Go to gyms (and/or) courts and get some pickup games and get your name known 5.Go to aau games and learn how they play and the speed they play at 6.Look for a aau team that will be a perfect fit for you and be responcible by going to practices,games,and always get along with other players 7.Become a great aau basketball player

How many times did Larry bird go to the nba finals?

Larry Bird went to the NBA finals 3 times I think.

Do you always go to the NBA d league on NBA 2k10 on PS3?

no i did the six games and i did good and then they gave me a list of every NBA team then you pick one and try out you play 5 game if you do good the team is going to sign you..... good luck

Which NBA team did Wilt Chamberlain play for and where did he go to college?

he played for the LA oceans, and went to houstan texas colleg

What is the NBA Development League?

The NBA Development League (NBDL) is a league in which poorly playing players or undrafted college players go to prove that they should play in the NBA. If the players are good enough, they may be called up by an NBA team.

What NBA team was the farthest team to go undefeated?

Chicago bulls

If you are 19 yeas old and finished high school where do you have to go if you want to be a nba player?

Well first your 19 and just finished highschool go to a college and get on their team then play and then go to summer circuit were you play and invited to a nba training camp and then hopefully dont get cut then get drafted hopefully

How do you get to the NBA?

to be in the nba you have to go to high school and learn all about basketball, after that you go to a specific collage and join their team, you play and bring up your stats and then you get drafted to one of the nba teams and be a all star someday, the greatest player is Julius ervign and Nobodip Roy