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Q: Do you have to know karate to be on the show kickin it?
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Does Jason earls know karate?

It seems he does in the show Disney Show - Kickin' It. He actually does know karate but not same as good as Leo Howard. It seems Jason Earles can do karate but he can't do extreme martial art

Is jack from kickin it a real blackbelt?

No he is not. He does not really take karate.

What is the hinky pinky for karate trained fowl?

kickin' chicken

What is the rhyming word for karate-trained fowl?

kickin' chicken

Who is kim from kickin' it?

She is pretty smart and a black belt in karate. She also has a crush on jack

How can you get on the show Kickin' It?

Unless you're an actor and Kickin' It is holding auditions you can't

Is there a bobbi wasabi karate class in spokand like from kickin it?

Bobbi Wasabi is a fictitious business and does not exist in real life.

Who directs the Disney show kickin it?

Phill lewis?

What is Olivia Holt's favorite TV show?

kickin it

Is it true that Kickin' It will have a prom episode?

yes because the girl in the blonde likes a guy so they will make a prom for the karate class

Is there a bobbi wasabi karate class in spokand like form kickin it?

Bobbi Wasabi is a fictitious character. They don't exist in real life.

Is Olivia Holt play on kickin it the tv show?