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Scuba dive.......-_- not unless u want to die on the bottom of the ocean

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Q: Do you have to know how to swim to scuba?
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How do scuba divers move?

They swim

What environnment do you do scuba diving in?

I usually do scuba diving in ponds and sometimes in the ocean. You can scuba dive anywhere that the public is allowed to swim.

What are some jobs that require your to know how to swim?

scuba diver, lifeguard, underwater recovery, underwater conscruction, professional swimmer.

What can you do at the Great Barrier Reef?

you can scuba dive swim at beachs

What the function of a crocodile's webbed foot?

Improved ability to swim. Same reason scuba divers wear swim fins on their feet- you swim better.

Can you swim with a perforated eardrum?

Yes you can swim. It would not be a good idea to scuba dive or snorkel to far below the surface of the water.

Clothes that begin with the letter s and have something to do with the sea?

scuba suit swim suit

Are scuba divers fat?

Generally no. They need to be quite fit to be able to swim in the water :)

How do webbed feet help ducks?

They help them swim faster, like scuba gear.

How do you spell scuba in spanish?

SCUBA. It is an acronym and not normally translated. I know SCUBA is used in both Spain and Mexico.

Do people swim or scuba dive in the Pacific Ocean?

possibly, i would if i had to jump off the titanic

Do you need to be scuba certified to be able to purchase scuba gear or a tank?

As far as I know, No you do not.

Where are some scuba diving places in the US?

Some scuba diving places are Hathaway's Pond in Massachusetts, the Atlantic Ocean, and other places. In the US, you can scuba dive anywhere where the public is allowed to swim, except pools.

Which animal does not know to swim?

a hamster doesnt know how to swim this is all i know soz

Name activities you might do on a hawaiian vaction?

-Surf -Swim -Snorkel/Scuba Dive -Hula Dance -Luau

What is the weight limit to learn how to scuba dive?

There isn't one that I know of, and I just finished a course in diving. YOu have to be able to swim and to get gear that fits you, other than that, I don't think that there are any limitations.

Can you swim with sharks at Walt Disney World?

Yes, you can. The Epcot DiveQuest tour allows scuba-certified guests to swim with over 60 aquatic species, including sharks. Guests who are not scuba-certified can participate in the Sea Aqua Tour, which allows guests to snorkel at the tank's surface.

Can a bird swim?

I know yo mama can swim!

Can Bird swim?

I know yo mama can swim!

How popular are dolphins?

dolphin are very popular many people write about them and talk and play with them in aquariums and swim with them in scuba diving.

Name an activity you might do while on a Hawaiian honeymoon?

Surf, Swim, Snorkel/Scuba Dive, Hula dance, Lua

Explain the advantages of being neutrally buoyant when you are a scuba diver.?

You do not float to the surface nor do you sink- you stay at the level you swim to.

What do you need to know to be a scubadiver?

To be a Scuba Diver you have to take a course in scuba diving which varies in cost depending on how old you are or where you are in the world .

How old do you have to be for scuba diving?

Yes i know its 13 yrs.

Does one need to know swimming to scuba dive?

of course