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Not Really You Just Have To Balance Out

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โˆ™ 2008-12-08 23:47:49
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Q: Do you have to jump high to do a kickflip?
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How do you do a hospital flip on a skateboard?

Start with your feet in the kickflip position and when you spin your kickflip follow through with your foot and then flick the board round in the direction of a shuv. To land this just jump as you would for a kickflip.

How do you do a quad heel flip in skate 3?

hold a kickflip on a relay high gap or a long jump. try the super ultra mega park.

How come i can't jump off the board when i try a kickflip?

because you arent getting the ollie up in the air or you arent picking your body up high enough!

How do you varial kickflip on a skateboard?

Pop the board as if you are going for a shuv then flick your foot out as you would for a kickflip. Do these at the same time. Jump as you would for a shuv. Land it. Bolts!. Roll away.

How can you do triple kickflip on skateboard?

Place your footing in a kickflip position. Go toward a high curb and at the same time, pop the board high and flick the board down as hard as you can.

You can do a kickflip but how can you do a kickflip fom gaps or stairs without making mistakes?

Well, you don't... you will always make mistakes! The number one thing to do is two first make sure you can high kickflip (for security) and can do it while going fast enough for your desired gap/ jump. Then start on really small ones, or go back to how you learned how to ollie, jump a crack in the sidewalk! Go for bigger cracks and gaps then try jumps. Keep building up till you can do just about anything...

Can girl's jump higher than boy's?

no boys jump higher than girls as they have strongr leg muscles that is why some girls find it hard to kickflip when they skateboard

How do you spin a skateboard in the direction of a kickflip?

you do a kickflip..

What is harder a kickflip or an impossible on a skateboard?

For me kickflip

What is a switch back kickflip?

A nollie kickflip... i think

How do I land a kickflip better in skateboarding?

First of all you have to know how to kickflip! How to land a kickflip better is pop it as high as you can and the foot that kicks out to make it flip, put it down a bit lower on your grip. This took me like 8 weeks to learn but once you get the trick landed you will feel so good and all your friends will be so happy! Hope you larn a kickflip:)

How high is the highest kickflip?

the highest kick flip is about 4 feet

What was the kickflip named before kickflip?

It was called the "magic flip"

How long does it take to learn who to do a kickflip?

It should take you about a week or so you have to learn kickflip or you wont be able to do any other kickflip like varial kickflip tre flip and nightmare flip

How do you kickflip on a teck deck?

you kickflip on a tech deck by putting your fingers in the positon you would on a normal skateboard and try and ollie and it does a kickflip

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

What is a kickflip with the board around the wrong way called?

varial kickflip

How high do 14 year olds jump high jump?

They jump on average about 1m50cm

How high do horses jump?

Horses can jump as high as they are trained. Some horses can only jump 2 feet high, while other horses can jump 6 feet high.

How old do you need to be to kick flip?

There is no age when you are able to kickflip. You can do a kickflip at any age. You just have to practice a lot. It took me 4 months to kickflip, and that was when I was 12. I've seen 6 year olds land a kickflip.

Can a rabbit jump high?

yup rabbits jump high!

How high can a gray wolf jump?

how high can a wolf jump

What is the name of a trick with 5 kickflips?

It would be a quadruple kickflip + a kickflip XD

If you jump high into the sky how high did you jump?

I don't know but that's prety high

How high rabbit jump?

a rabbit can barely jump. just in shows it looks like they jump high.