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No, you do not HAVE to use a tee. On par 3's some players play off the turf if they are hitting short irons. But on longer holes where you have to hit a driver or 3 wood it is highly recommended you use a tee so hit the sweet spot with the proper angle of approach. As Jack Nicklaus once said, you don't often get the chance to tee the ball up, so take it when you do.

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Q: Do you have to hit the golf ball off the tee in a real golf game?
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What is a golf club?

It is a device used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf or it is a member club in the grounds of which golf is played.

Which has the greater speed during a game a football a baseball or a golf ball?

A baseball is pitched at 150km/ph and a golf ball is hit at about 220km/ph, John Dally can hit it 280km/ph

What does it mean by swinging your golf club to hit the golf ball?

Have you seen a golf swing? The idea is to hit the ball with the swing, that is the only way to play the game.

Which instrument is used to hit a ball in golf game?

golf clubs like a driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

Can you hit a tee from under the golf ball?

yes. it is possible to hit the tee with out moving the golf ball it just depends on how you hit it

Would a golf ball explode if hit with a hammer?

No the golf ball was designed to be hit hard. Why would a hammer produce a result different than being hit by a golf club?

Did drunken people invent golf?

no the grounds keepers of a football oval did they found a tennis ball and hit them to see who could hit the furthest then it slowly evolved from a broom to a meta club and the tennis ball became a golf ball then the aim of the game became to hit the ball with the least amount of hits to get it into a hole in the ground.

What is the truth about golf according to AJ Golf?

hit the ball

What did Romans call golf?

Nothing. The game of golf was not played in Roman times although they had a game called "paganica" in which a ball was hit with a bent stick. The rules and objectives of this game are unclear. The modern game of golf was not invented util the 15th century.

How is a golf ball used in golf?

you hit it with a golf club on the ground or on a peg

Why do i get bruises the size of golf balls?

Were you recently hit by a golf ball?

How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

A golf club